How To Stand Out Sartorially When You DON'T Have Big Dollars To Spend

Simple way to look better than the rest... without breaking the bank

How To Stand Out Sartorially When You DON'T Have Big Dollars To Spend

It’s often said that men are peacocks, if that were the case, then some Australian men would be considered to be the most lacklustre peacocks around. This makes for the perfect opportunity to make a fashion statement. With racing season soon starting down-under, we thought we’d start out with suit accessories. Once you’ve followed our guide to pick out the perfect getup, refer to the tips below for some ideas to really catch the eye of some prospective hens.

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Lapel Flower

It’s no secret that girls like flowers, with this in mind it’d be a good idea to try fitting one to your suit. These days, most well-made blazers have a real button hole in the collar, a perfect spot to pop in a posy. Try something bright, cheerful and with a pleasant aroma. TIP: You can often pick these up very cheap online at eBay. Buy a few and keep them for special events.

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Tie Pins & Bars

I’m a massive fan of tie pins. Mainly because I’m prone to getting my tie snagged or stuck in anything. Keeping a tie secure and looking sharp isn’t hard with a bar or stud pin. These days tie pins come in all shapes and sizes but if you’re a traditionalist stick to a sold metal bar. Ensure the tie clip is not winder then the tie.

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Suspenders or braces are a perfect way to keep your pants up, and they also eliminate the need for a belt. This is good news for guys with a bit more meat on their bones whom dislike the obligatory pot belly protrusion when buckling up. Also note that girls love playing around with the straps.

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Contrast Buttons

By now most of you should be familiar with the simplicity of sewing on a button to a jacket or other piece of clothing. Perhaps try replacing your current suit buttons with something with a bit more colour or contrast to show off some individuality. Horn or Metal looks particularly good.

Pocket Square

Pocket squares are nothing new, in fact they’re centuries old. No longer used for wiping noses, they are the perfect way to bring a dash of colour and class to an outing. Have fun with folding them in different ways and soon you will find that a suit without a square is almost bare. We recommend opting for quality silk or linen pocket squares – the look and feel much better than the cheap and nasty versions.

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