Stanley Tucci Negroni: Actor Stirs Controversy With Negroni Recipe

Tasty & Profane.

When you’re Hollywood royalty, you can usually get away with saying or doing whatever you want. The only consequence of that is that because you’re royalty, you’re also under the public microscope, susceptible to any criticism that may come your way.

Stanely Tucci has taken the internet by storm in the past week with his at-home Negroni recipe. However, it’s not necessarily the ingredients he puts into said Negroni, but more the way he binds them together that has caused a divide among the world wide web.


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In a video – filmed by wife Felicity Blunt – posted to his Instagram account, the smooth-talking and smooth-headed American actor shows us how he makes the classic Negroni from his home bar. Caution should be taken from the get-go, however, as Stanley goes all James Bond by saying he’s going to make his “up” – read: shaken – as opposed to the traditional serving method of on the rocks. If you’re a cocktail fan or professional bartender, we imagine you would close the video immediately at this point.

Nevertheless, Stanley’s a national treasure to many, so it’s worth hearing him out. He begins by loading his shaker with ice (what contagious pandemic) and then starts adding his spirits.

Fortunately, he at least uses the right ingredients of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. But again, Stanley can do what he wants, so he uses a double shot of both gin and sweet vermouth – which he adds should be a good one and not the ‘Martini’ branded one – followed by a single shot of Campari. Traditionalists would usually add a single 30ml shot of each.

Note that Stanley says that if you’re not a fan of gin, you can substitute it for vodka and maybe add a dash of gin. This is another comment that we imagine would make bartenders baulk at the very idea. A Negroni is a gin-based cocktail and should remain so.

He then shakes it up (literally and figuratively) and then pours it into a coupe glass. This is yet another area Stanley should be questioned, as a Negroni should be served in a rocks, or Old Fashioned, glass…and on the rocks.

Finally, garnish with an orange slice or peel. At least Stanley knows what to do at this final stage.

It doesn’t take much browsing through the comments to notice he divides opinion.

“Tucci, my dude. This is now how you make a Negroni”, says one user.

“I love you but, HOW DARE YOU SHAKE A NEGRONI”, adds another.

We could go on with a whole list of similar comments.

However, some users are simply appreciative of Stanley giving us how-to guides,

“I just adore this and you! Share another cocktail please!”

“This is brilliant. I request a weekly cocktail hour with Stanley and Felicity.”

If you’re a Negroni fan it’s at least worth trying Stanley’s method before making your mind up. Just don’t be shocked if it doesn’t taste ‘right’.

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