Stock Market Tweets: Australian Man Outrages American Investors With Brutal Tweet

Bait, banter or wisdom?

Stock Market Tweets: Australian Man Outrages American Investors With Brutal Tweet

Image: The Big Short

As 2020 continues to tick on, it feels like we’re falling down the rabbit hole, but instead of Wonderland, we’ve arrived at the apocalypse. Despite the global economy being sicker than the millions of people with The Virus around the world, the American stock market continues to defy all logic: rallying harder than Carlos Sainz.

Meanwhile, thousands of Australians are out of work, and we’re watching with morbid fascination as America continues to disappear up its own arsehole. The prospect of a full-blown civil war (do we exaggerate? watch this clip and decide for yourself) is almost overshadowed by the insane overcapitalisation on US markets fuelled by the so-called ‘MAGA stocks’– bedroom traders fiddling while Rome burns.

One Australian man on Twitter has got Tesla fanboys and stock market ‘experts’ fuming however with his latest trading prediction.

Declan Rurenga, editor of Griffith’s The Area News and Leeton’s The Irrigator in rural NSW, cheekily suggested some trading advice that flies in the face of America’s current stock market mania.

This immediately got Americans up in arms, ready to shout down Rurenga’s Tweet with the force of a thousand angry bald eagles. From cries like “oh you going broke bro” and “how the heck have you got a verified account”, it’s clear that Rurenga touched a nerve.

Even an American Tesla owners’ club (a completely unbiased source for comment on Tesla stocks, of course) got in on the action.

It just goes to show how much of a bubble American traders are in compared to the rest of society, and how much these tech stocks mean to some people.

Rurenga later tweeted that his initial tweet was “bait”, but we’re not so sure. It’s hard to tell what the right take is: are Tesla stocks destined for a humbling fall, or are Tesla’s naysayers (of which there are plenty) all talk and no walk?

Only time, Elon Musk’s brain snaps, and Tesla’s impending battle with European car maker VW (which is set to focus on electric) will tell.

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