How To Put Your Brain On ‘Airplane Mode’, According To A Meditation Guru

"What is my next thought gonna be?"

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If you’re an overthinker or sometimes wish you could slow your mind down, one TikTok user has a simple ‘Jedi mind trick’ that’ll help you.

Where are my fellow overthinkers? It’s a common problem many of us face – your mind being bombarded constantly with thoughts and noise. It’s chaotic, to say the least.

However, a meditation coach, known as The Mental Level may just have the solution.

Taking to TikTok, The Mental Level explains in his video an extremely simple trick that he claims will “slow down and stop your mind on command.” He says you should just, “Ask yourself, right now, ‘what is my next thought gonna be?’”

After this, The Mental Level then says, “And if something came up, acknowledge it and just gently let it go. And ask yourself again, ‘what is my next thought gonna be?’”

“And just acknowledge that if something came up. IF something came up. And let it go, gently. Take a deep breath. Relax your muscles and ask yourself again, from this more relaxed place, ‘what is my next thought gonna be?’ Really stick with this.”

The Mental Level
You don’t need to go to the mountains to quiet your inner brain… but it sure can help. Image Credit: Your Health

The Mental Level advises that you should continue asking yourself this question – as well as acknowledging and letting go of any thoughts that do pop up – until you “experience the full effect”.

“… Notice how the mind is slowing down, maybe even starting to stop thinking entirely.

Notice how your brain is in a rhythm of letting go of the thoughts that arise that it’s now aware of; notice the clarity and relaxation that you can release into now and just go about your day being present.”

The Mental Level

Many TikTok users praised the advice – which The Mental Level calls a ‘Jedi mind trick’ – with one user commenting, “You just set my brain in airplane mode,” and another writing, “I have ADHD. I. Cannot. BELIEVE. How quickly this worked. I’m stunned.”

Others thanked The Mental Level, “Damn, I haven’t had complete silence in my brain since I was born. Thank you,” while TikTok user @stylingwithkenzie simply wrote,

“Omg life changing.”

TikTok user @stylingwithkenzie

You can try out The Mental Level’s trick for yourself by watching the full TikTok below:

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