Rebirth of Shopping Addict

User Ratings 8.6 - Rebirth of Shopping Addict 8.6
Comedy, Drama

What is Rebirth of Shopping Addict about?

A story about a shopaholic who counterattacked after losing everything overnight. This revolves around the business war between shopping centers and online stores.

Gao Yang was born with a silver spoon. His special presence gave him money to buy whatever he wanted, which developed an addiction to excessive shopping. Unfortunately, life throws lemons when his father suddenly goes bankrupt and disappears without a trace. In the blink of an eye, the world is reversed. At this time, he met Yan Li, his father's assistant brother, and accepted his help.

To make a living, Gao Yang accepted the offer to work for Li Ming Che, Yan LI's rival in business. Meanwhile, a spark of romance developed between Yan Li and Gao Yang despite their opposing personalities. Li Ming Che also became interested in Gao Yang's infectious personality. Through repeated trials in work and love, Gao Yang realized that he was lacking in many things and worked hard to become a better person.

Rebirth of Shopping Addict

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