Women of ’69, Unboxed

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Biography, Documentary, Family
Peter Barton

What is Women of '69, Unboxed about?

Intimate, personalized portrait of women of the 1960s through the eyes of one colorful class that graduated in 1969 - same year as Hillary Clinton - and recently turned 65, starting to explore the New Old Age. At a time when these Boomers' parents were asking less of themselves, many of these distinguished citizens are asking more, feeling a Third Wind. Where will it take them? Some are determined to keep making waves. The trigger for these revelations/reminiscences is the class's yearbook. Each photo was a collaboration with a sexy Turkish artist, is full of the 60s spirit of risk, rebelliousness, creativity. Indeed, this yearbook wasn't a book at all. The portraits came to each alumna loose leaf, in a box. Hence our metaphoric title: Unboxed! Written by Anonymous

Women of '69, Unboxed

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