Studio MK27's Brazilian Jungle House Is Fit For A Supervillain

Studio MK27

Every supervillain needs the evil essentials. Henchmen. A memorable laugh. A cool costume. Perhaps a Persian cat. Also on that list? A secret lair, preferably with striking architecture and a spectacular remote location.

Studio MK27 have designed a prime pad for your inner evildoer. Shielded by the dense Brazilian rainforest, “Casa Na Mata” (The Jungle House) provides ample protection from any heroes trying to thwart your plans for world domination. The home’s high perch offers sweeping views of the Paulista shore – both a strategic vantage point for spotting the aforementioned heroes, and a charming backdrop for your morning coffee.

Casa Na Mata’s three levels are constructed in reverse: the deck on the ground floor, the bedrooms in the middle, the pool and lawn on top. Most impressively, the colossal structure only touches the ground with two pillars, essentially making it a high-tech treehouse. Highlights of the project include indoor hammocks, a sunken hot tub on the veranda, a pool on the terrace, and a green roof.

All that’s missing to make it the perfect supervillain HQ is a moat.