The Mental Health Strategy Successful People Use That You Don't

Jobs, Ali, Seinfeld... Shall we go on?

There’s no single formula or definition for success, and anyone who claims that they have the single, unequivocal answer to ‘becoming successful’ is at best self-deluded, and at worst, a charlatan.

At DMARGE we call ourselves ‘the playbook for the modern man’. Modern men don’t all fit one tidy mold or archetype, and there’s no one-size-fits-all method to being successful, or improving your mental health, or even happiness. Modern masculinity is complex, and inquisitive, and ever-changing.

But there are some tactics that people who are genuinely successful by any metric tend to utilise. And maybe giving them a go will help you become more satisfied; happier; more successful.

We spoke exclusively to Luke Macleod, mindfulness expert and founder of Soul Alive, Australia’s first live stream meditation platform. He related that many of the world’s most successful people – both past and present – consider meditation to be an essential part of their success.


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“Celebrities like Steve Jobs, who practiced zen meditation, or Muhammad Ali, who was a big proponent of Vedic meditation, are great examples of successful people who used meditation,” Macleod recounts.

The best boxer of all time and one of the world’s most influential tech visionaries? It’s hard to argue with results.

Other successful figures who meditate include Arianna Huffington, Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Rogan, Oprah, Hugh Jackman, even bloody Rupert Murdoch (say what you like about the guy, but you can’t deny his business acumen).

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Regular meditation has a wealth of health benefits, from helping with your sleep hygiene to improving your mental health, Macleod claims.

Call it hippy nonsense if you like, but there’s some clinical evidence to suggest that there’s tangible benefits to meditation, researchers at John Hopkins University concluded in a 2013 study.

In any case, practicing meditation or mindfulness techniques has almost no adverse effects. So many people suggest that it’s made a big difference in their life, so why not give it a go?

“There’s no wrong way to meditate,” Macleod shares. Just don’t go overboard with it, like Jared Leto.

Luke Macleod’s Quick Tips For Meditating Like A Pro

  1. Don’t go in with any expectations
  2. Sit on a chair or stool with a cushion, keeping your feet flat and your spine straight by activating your core
  3. Focus on something unimportant but consistent e.g. a one-word mantra, unique noise or sensation
  4. Don’t switch off, switch on. If you think too much about trying to have a clear mind, you’ll never have a clear mind – so relax and surrender yourself to the process.

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