Sugar Nutrition Facts: Experts Debunk Myths

Plus: why you should stop counting calories.

Whether you are keen to start putting butter in your coffee or not, you will likely have heard about the low carb regimes sweeping gyms and offices with equal fervour.

Atkins turned to Paleo turned to Keto.

However, when the low carb (and — by definition — low sugar) concept was proposed in the early 70s, it was not given a fair hearing by many medical professionals.

The reigning attitude towards it, even to this day, says Gary Taubes — a nutrition author and journalist — is, “It sucks. I haven’t read it.”

Opening up on the Making Sense podcast, hosted by neuroscientist Sam Harris, Taubes explains how it is taking far longer than it should for the fat myth (the idea that fat makes you fat, as opposed to sugar) — to get properly busted.

As Instagram pages like The Fitness Chef are a testament to, some of this pushback is due to the irritating fervency of some low-carb diet acolytes.


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The differentiation between good and bad is one of the vaguest questions known to man. Both eventualities are ultimately quantified by a long list of personal traits and variables. – – When it comes to nutrition, the meaningless concept of good and bad continues, except here it can go under the extraordinary alias of ‘clean and dirty’. In this example, we have 2 breakfasts; one is cloned to ‘clean eating’ instagram royalty, whilst the other is rendered as an episode of insurmountable shame. The former mirrors a wellness blogger’s sensationalized documentation of a nutrient dense meal. The latter fails to be recognized a legitimate meal at all. – – Naturally, given that some wellness bloggers have outstanding physiques. Followers will attempt replicate all facets of their idol’s life, including what they eat – or what they tell you they eat anyway… – – But then… when little progress is made and the follower constantly looks at said blogger’s candid 15% body fat photos, they become demotivated. Followers can not fathom why, despite following all advice, they do not look like their idol. It’s probably because the wellness blogger (despite practicing it themselves) has not educated their followers on basic energy balance – instead focusing entirely on the benefits of elevated nutrient consumption. – – Whilst the granola bowl and the McDonald’s breakfast are nutritionally different, neither are good or bad. Instead, their isolated effect on one’s health is decided by their affinity with many other variables. Despite the wishy washy annotations about ‘nourishing body and soul’, one would be better served to look objectively. Then, despite it being more likely to satiate, this nutrient dense granola bowl and green juice amounts to 929 calories. – – Energy balance is the only nutritional strand which directly defines body composition. Therefore, notwithstanding the importance of overall nutritional vigilance, make sure you at least include it in your thoughts. 🙂 – – #caloriescount #caloriecounting #fatloss #mcdonalds #mcmuffin #healthybreakfast #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #losefat #nutritioncoach #fatlosscoach #nutrients #wellness #losefat #smoothiebowl

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However, it also comes down to the power of the sugar-based food industry, which continues to succeed due to a) people’s confusion about what’s good for them, and b) the fact that a lot of their food is just too tasty to quit.

Of course, people like The Fitness Chef fanning the fire the other way doesn’t help. While he has a point that overall energy balance determines whether you get fat, in his quest to be controversial he consistently underestimates how what you eat effects this balance.

Counting calories is everything if you believe The Fitness Chef. But as nutrition coaches like Max Lugavere point out, if you eat healthy foods your body has a natural mechanism that will kick in to stop you eating too much; feeling full.


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This is why sugar makes you fat — not because calories from a Mars bar ‘weigh more’ but because after eating a Mars Bar you are liable to polish off an orange juice, a Kit Kat and then search the house for something nice and salty to round it all off.

Or is that just me?

Anyway, as Gary Taubes points out, sugar triggers a different hormonal response in the body, promoting a vicious cycle, and in many cases, obesity.

And while the scientific jury is still out on going extremely low carb, the one thing we know for sure is that taking the ‘standard American or Australian diet’ and cutting out the ice-cream, chocolate, and some of the bread and pasta, is a sure fire way to kick-start your weight loss, or simply become a healthier individual.


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I see a lot of weird stuff on the Internet. (Calorie zealots are gonna hate this post.) 🧐 . Like the idea that one must incorporate junk foods to attain the elusive and abstract notion of “balance.” . Of course, any food can fit within a diet that’s mostly filled with healthy, minimally-processed foods. And it’s good to treat yourself. . But this idea of balance is hard for most people. . Look around. . Seriously—not just on Instagram. . Did you know that 2/3 of people are now overweight or obese, and half are either type 2 diabetic or prediabetic? . Carbs are not evil. Fat doesn’t make you fat. And food has no moral value. . But hyper-processed junk foods, love them as we may, may be the cornerstone of modern chronic non-communicable disease. These foods are fine as a treat, but today are NOT treats for most people; nay, they make up 60% of the calories we consume every day. . When our communities embrace the propaganda that “balance” is just incorporating a salad here and there (fast food companies love this advice), we’ve lost. They win. The status quo marches on unfettered. . But by *basing* your diet around fresh fruits and veggies, high quality sources of protein (grass-fed beef, fish, chicken), and incorporating your favorite fries as a treat, your hunger levels will begin to self-regulate, you’ll increase your metabolism, and likely make it easier on yourself to achieve the health goals you’ve always desired. . Don’t let anyone call you weird. . ✌🏼❤️ Max • • • • • #nutrition #protein #cleaneating #weightloss #iifym #healthyfood #healthyeating #gains #wellness #fitfood #healthylifestyle #instafit #glutenfree #exercise #healthychoices #healthyliving #geniusfoods #flexibledieting #macros #mealprep #paleo #cleaneats

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