American Bodybuilder’s ‘Suitcase Workout’ Is The Perfect Way To Keep Huge While Travelling

Just the ticket.

American Bodybuilder’s ‘Suitcase Workout’ Is The Perfect Way To Keep Huge While Travelling

There are many ways to keep your muscles jiggling in transit. There’s HIT hotel workouts, Dan Bilzerian’s hotel chair hammer curl workout, celebrity trainer’s 10 minute ‘quick blast’ workouts and World Champion surfer ‘grasshopper’ workouts.

And that’s just to name a few (we should, also, provide a shout out to the remarkable improvised workouts we have seen coming out of travellers stuck in hotel quarantine).

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What all of these hotel workouts miss, however, is another moment where it is also possible to sneak a sneaky sweat session in – the airport.

While you might not think of this as an oportune moment to work out, if you think about it, it really is (provided you don’t mind being judged by other passengers and potentially stinking out the plane).

Why? You’ve already got all the equipment you could need, in the form of your baggage.

Enter: Brian Johnson – AKA Liver King – an American Man who, in response to his childrens’ poor health implemented a ‘nose to tail’ approach to eating (and now eats a pound of liver a day). He has the physiqye of a bodybuilder and takes regularly to Instagram to preach the benefits of ancestral workouts and nutrition.

Which brings us to the following video, which Liver King posted on the weekend. The video shows him doing quite a remarkable workout at the airport with some very large suitcases.

He can be seen doing an overhead suitcase press, literal suitcase carry, heavy suitcase carry with son (sitting on top) and airplane seat dips.

Watch Liver King’s epic ‘airport workout’ below. 

Liver King captioned the video: “‘I’m too busy to train.’ ‘I’m travelling all the time.’ ‘I’m with the kids.’ ‘I’ve got a long haul flight.’ … And?”

The comment section went wild.

One follower wrote: “I love this!! In a semi hauling hay today (by choice) just to be with my handsome husband and I brought resistance bands to workout in the cab of the truck!!”

Another commented: “Thank you, always working.”

Others made remarks like “maintaining” and “wow liver king this inspired me to outwork myself today.”

Further positive comments included: “We need more of this man” and “Always ways to put the work in. No excuses.”

“Let’s Gooooooo !!!!!”

Not everyone was super impressed though. One man wrote: “I dare someone to start doing Dips next to me on a plane. we scrapping immediately.”

Fair enough.

But if you want to be build like a brick shithouse, you’ve got to make sacrifices, we suppose.

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