Jo Lindner’s Diet Reveals Nutrition Secret That Could Boost Your Gains

Introducing: supplement stacks.

In order to obtain muscles much larger than you can ever imagine, you need to dedicate some serious hours to the gym, and plenty more to the kitchen where you need to consume huge quantities of calories to help your body recover and build muscle.

Some bodybuilders, however, like to take extra supplements to aid their muscular quests. And, while we’ve already covered the topic of taking steroids, debunking the myth that guys with extreme vascularity are (not necessarily) on them in the process, some bodybuilders turn to other supplements with a more positive image to help them flourish.

Case in point: Jo Lindner.

The modern-day Schwarzenegger has an enviable physique that is the result of sweat and determination, along with a killer nutrition plan. Though the German muscle mountain has admitted previously in a YouTube video that he did, in fact, take steroids when he was beginning his fitness and bodybuilding journey (a dangerous move he encourages no-one to mimic, which risked ruining his life) that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

We’re here to talk about Lindner giving one Instagram user the keys to his supplement stack castle, in the comments underneath one of his recent videos. Lindner recently revealed to the fan that he takes EAA, Creatine, Omega-3 and Magnesium.

EAAs are Essential Amino Acids. There are nine of them, and your body can’t produce them by itself but instead, needs the assistance of supplements or food. Without these EAAs, your quest for large muscles will be far more difficult, as they are “the building blocks of protein and are crucial in the synthesis of muscle growth”, according to sports supplement specialist Myprotein.

If you’re already on a calorie surplus meal plan that works around a solid training regime, you won’t gain many benefits from taking EAA supplements, as you should be getting them from the foods you eat instead. However, those who wish to train to build muscle while shedding body fat – and those who are putting themselves through an intermittent fasting diet – can most certainly benefit.

Omega-3 is a nutrient taken for various reasons, as it promotes numerous health benefits. With regards to strength training, it’s claimed that it can aid with muscle activation, which essentially means you can perform more reps of whatever exercises you’re doing. It doesn’t take a genius to notice Jo is clearly a fan of bicep curls and tricep dips, such is the size of his arms.

If you’ve ever looked at or consumed sports nutrition products such as protein bars and powders, you would have likely seen Creatine emblazoned across them. Creatine is huge within the weight training industry, being a key supplement for helping achieve lean muscle mass and to help your muscles recover more quickly following a training session. Although be warned, it may not work for everybody.

Finally, magnesium is another essential nutrient the body needs to remain healthy. It helps the body to produce protein and can aid with muscle regulation. No surprise that Lindner takes it on the regular, then.

While the use of supplements can always be a tricky area to navigate and one you should always seek medical advice on before pursuing, the ones used by Lindner are everyday nutrients and vitamins, and so could be considered a relatively easy way to help you achieve next-level gains. Still: checking in with your doctor or nutritionist is always a good idea.

Lindner also admits to taking very small levels of steroids to keep his testosterone towards “the higher end of normal” (DMARGE does not endorse taking steroids at all) even now, so don’t feel bad if you don’t find yourself looking anything like him. This video is an interesting and by all appearances honest account of the dangers of juicing, and why Jo continues to do it, even if at much smaller levels than he did in the past, for those interested.

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