This Swiss Hotel Room Ditches The Walls For Mother Nature

Swiss Hotel

What does the perfect hotel room look like? Extravagance? Five star room service? Priceless views? How about a room with no walls in the middle of nowhere.

Sitting almost 2,000 metres above sea level in the mountains of Graubünden in the Swiss Alps is a hotel room quite literally like no other. For starters it doesn’t have any walls, nor does it reside on a hotel property.

What there is is a comfy bed along with a few nightstands and lamps. And Mother Nature bunking with you. This odd concept comes from the brothers behind the Null Stern Hotels (meaning ‘zero stars’ in English) who have brought minimalist living to dizzying new heights before, but more on that later.

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Luxury bathrooms are non-existent here and if you’re shy, there is a public restroom ten minutes away from the bed. For the demanding clientele, a butler will deliver a salami sandwich and coffee directly to you in the morning.

Bookings for this room are available everyday between spring and fall but be aware that they can be cancelled at the last minute pending the weather.

If the prospect of headwind and getting eaten by a bear isn’t to your liking, Patrik Riklin and his brother Frank also have a hotel situated in a former nuclear bunker in Teufen, Switzerland.

Or you could just stay at home in your own bed and save $250 a night.