Proof Bondi Icebergs Is Better Than The French Riviera


It’s not peeling off your bikini on the French Riviera or getting your thong on in Copacobana: it’s better. That’s right: Australia may be a country of prudes but we have one tradition that puts the rest of the world to shame.

Yes: contrary to popular belief, Australia has ~culture~. And it comes in the form of a basic (in every sense of the word) lifestyle quirk that can’t be found anywhere else in the world (no, it’s not brunch).


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Being a sophisticated bogan.

While the Parisien elite look down their cravats at the Marseille mobsters and while the Barcelona bourgeois sneer at the Cadiz ‘caña’ drinkers and – while we’re at it – while the Rome royals avoid the snarky Sardinians like the plague, in Australia we all – regardless of our annual income – come together to embrace our inner bogan at the beach.


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This informal safe space, which starts about one nautical mile out to sea and extends roughly 100 metres past the beach in the other direction (it’s ok to grab a chicken sanger at Bondi Icebergs barefoot, don’t worry) is the one zone where business class snobs and Nike TN ‘hypebeasts’ mount a momentary dress code truce.

No judgement, no worries.

No-where is this better demonstrated than Bondi Icebergs where Anytime Fitness ragers, bemused backpackers and normally stressed out locals chill in the sun.


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There’s no denying the copious amounts of food and drink on offer up the cliff help this ‘sophisticated bogan’ goodwill, with mansion owning CEO’s dressing down and shoestring students dressing up (did you really need that $100 bikini or those Orlebar Brown board shorts? No: butt but Instagram is the new LinkedIn).


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Instagram is also the new Tinder, so you can rest assured in our quest to achieve ‘sophisticated bogan’ status, those who normally consider themselves classy try to act a little more approachable in their poolside pics, while those that normally live in a Bintang singlet try to up their game.


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And while the ‘seen it all’ exchange students might say it’s better in France, Spain or Greece, where there are no rangers to police your BAC and no mother’s screaming “think of the children” when you try to even up your tan, we’d argue Sydney’s tradition of ‘sophisticated bogan’ summer styling is nothing to scoff at.


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Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to trawl Google for a pair of Reef thongs and a Todd Snyder bottle opener.

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