TAG Heuer Connected: Luxury Watchmaker Reveals New Generation Smartwatch

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TAG Heuer Connected: Luxury Watchmaker Reveals New Generation Smartwatch

TAG Heuer pioneered the luxury smartwatch segment in 2015 and has since introduced various models, most recently the Connected Modular Golf Edition in 2019. And, in news guaranteed to get everyone from high tech business owners to workout warriors (with savings) stroking their wrist in anticipation, as of yesterday, the new TAG Heuer Connected watch is available in boutiques and authorised retailers and Tag Heuer’s online store via Australia, Japan, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Where does it sit in the market? With the cheapest being AU$2,600 and the priciest being AU$3,400, Tag’s Connected timepieces hover between a conventional smartwatch like an Apple Watch or a Suunto and more traditional timepieces like the Carrera. With the third generation of its visionary Connected timepiece, TAG Heuer has put yet another flag in the sand, proving itself yet again to be an industry leader in both technology and style.

As for the construction philosophy, the TAG Heuer Connected watch is a chronograph-inspired timepiece crafted in the purest watchmaking tradition, with a state-of-the-art, custom-designed digital experience geared towards performance.

That’s not just a buzzword; Tag Heuer’s Connected watch provides customers with everything from daily connected services offered from Wear OS by Google, to immersive sports experiences thanks to the new TAG Heuer Sports app, which provides detailed tracking for golf, running, cycling, walking, fitness and other sessions, thanks to the watch’s built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor, among other sensors.

The experience on the wrist is, naturally, complemented by a newly developed TAG Heuer mobile companion app that allows for even greater personalisation and insights into the wearer’s achievements (and holds you accountable). TAG Heuer’s Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Frédéric Arnault, who has led this ambitious project since its start eighteen months ago, explains: “The TAG Heuer Connected watch was designed and engineered with the same passion and attention to detail as our mechanical watches. Quality of execution is paramount in everything we do, and we never compromise on aesthetics or emotion. The Connected watch is not only a beautiful timepiece, it’s a truly immersive experience.”

“The navigation has been deeply refined so the product is as intuitive and easy to use as possible, both in everyday life and during sports sessions. It expresses the brand in a completely new way and offers limitless possibilities in terms of innovation for the future. Thanks to the talent and dedication of our teams, the new Connected is a truly brand-defining product that will lead the way into a new era for TAG Heuer.”

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