Tattoos Of The Future Will Be Done By Robots

Tattoos have been around since the beginning of human civilisation and one theme has remained consistent throughout that time: living, breathing tattoo artists.

If the Skynet future is anything to go by though, tattoos may soon be inked by non-human entities. That’s right, robots jabbing permanent ink-filled needles directly into your skin. Given that machines today are drastically more accurate than humans when it comes to precision tasks, this process has yet to be applied to delicate human subjects which requires evaluation and perception at every stage of the process.

Still, that didn’t stop a French design duo called Tatoué from teaming up with San Francisco’s Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop to create a robot whose sole task is to ink nervous human test subjects. The machine would have no doubt gone through various test phases of jabbing dummies and different surfaces before going anywhere near a human limb but the question still beckons in the back of the mind: good machines have gone bad before, right?

Watch the cool video above to see how tattoos of the future will be created and hit up Tatoué if you’re brave enough to be inked by Terminator.