‘¡Ay, Caramba!’: A Succession & The Simpsons Crossover Episode Is Coming

Flip the script.

The Simpsons is not afraid of a crossover. In Season 6, the episode A Star Is Burns (“I was saying Boo-urns”) was a crossover with the animated show, The Critic, as was the Season 13 episode, The Simpsons Guy and the Season 26 episode, Simpsorama – which crossed over with Family Guy and Futurama respectively.

Over the years, The Simpsons has also parodied popular television shows and then had the stars of those shows guest star and voice the same characters they’re famous for playing.

For example, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson voiced their respective characters – Fox Mulder and Dana Scully – from The X Files in the Season 8 episode The Springfield Files and Keifer Sutherland voiced Jack Bauer, the character he plays in 24, in the Season 18 episode, 24 Minutes.

Well, now the popular black-comedy drama series, Succession is getting The Simpsons treatment. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest Simpsons episode, that’s airing this weekend on May 15th, will have Nicholas Braun – one of the stars of Succession – guest star.

Charli D’Amelio, the TikTok star, will also guest star in the new Simpsons episode, Meat Is Murder. Image Credit: Fox

Not only this, Braun will be voicing his fan-favourite character, cousin Greg in the episode; called Meat Is Murder. While there haven’t been too many details about the episode’s plot revealed (aside from that it’ll revolve around Grampa reconnecting with an old business associate) it’s likely that the episode will parody Succession.

Plus, the episode has a number of impressive actors joining Braun in guest star roles. Oscar-nominee and veteran actor John Lithgow will be voicing Grampa’s business associate – who is supposed to be a satirised version of Succession character, Logan Cox.

Krysten Ritter, best known for Breaking Bad and Jessica Jones, and Seth Green, best known for Robot Chicken, Family Guy & Austin Powers, will also guest star in the upcoming Simspons episode, Meat Is Murder as will TikTok star Charli D’Amelio.

While The Simpsons has been known to be hit and miss in its later seasons, it looks like this new episode is definitely going to be a hit; especially with Succession fans.

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