75 Thigh Tattoo Ideas for Men 2023: Cool & Classy Ideas

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Tattoos can be a great way to show the world who you are. Whether they are big, small, black, or colorful, they make great pieces of art, and you’ll be waiting for the opportunity to show them off. If you’re a man who loves tattoos, perhaps you’ve noticed a growing trend in thigh tattoos. 

There are various reasons why the thigh is a great placement for a tattoo. On one hand, the area is pretty large, and it can fit different types of designs, both simple and complex. On the other hand, thigh tattoos can be visible at times depending on what you wear, yet they can also be easily covered if necessary.

Now, you may have already decided to get a thigh tattoo yourself, but perhaps you don’t have a model in mind yet, and you don’t want to wait too long to get inked. Well, there’s no need to worry – we’ve prepared a list of the best thigh tattoos for men that you should try in 2023. 

Tree of Life Thigh Tattoos

Tree of Life Thigh Tattoo Source: @rbyn_flpsd via Instagram
Source: @rbyn_flpsd via Instagram

What better way to cover a thigh if not with the beautiful branches of a tree? With thigh tattoos offering so much canvas space, you can get the whole surface filled with beautiful and wild branches. On top of that, a tree of life makes a perfect symbol of rebirth and eternal life. 

Front Thigh Tattoos

Front Thigh Tattoo

Between the front and the back of the thigh, the front is a more popular choice because you can show it off more easily. Not to mention that the area is not that painful. A front thigh tattoo can look great when you’re wearing shorts. Also, in time, you can add more elements to cover the entire thigh or, why not, the entire leg. 

Back of the Thigh Tattoos

Back of the Thigh Tattoo

If tattoos on the front of the thighs are not appealing to you, you can always settle for the back of the thigh. Being quite a large area, you can settle for complex and detailed designs. It is also a good way to bring some attention to this part of your body. 

Father and Son Thigh Tattoos

Father and Son Thigh Tattoo

Every parent loves their child, and a great way to represent this bond is through a tattoo. You can get a photo of you and your son inked on your thigh – a sentimental piece that you will carry with you forever. If you don’t have children, you can also go the other way around and get a tattoo of you and your father. 

Dragon Thigh Tattoos

Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Why not go for something a little more powerful and intimidating? Dragons make great tattoos and are quite common in this industry. That doesn’t mean it’s not a unique model. In fact, it’s quite versatile and can be made into all sorts of designs. Since the thigh is a larger surface, you can get a tattoo of a large dragon that goes around your thigh. Dragons symbolize strength, wisdom, and power. 

Lion Thigh Tattoos

Lion Thigh Tattoo Source: @kirst_tattoo_artist via Instagram
Source: @kirst_tattoo_artist via Instagram

Men often get lion tattoos, and the thigh is a great placement for the King of the Jungle. The strong animal can be combined with different elements and made into various artistic styles. You can add natural elements like leaves, flowers, etc. to show your more sensitive side or darker elements to show your manly side. 

Snake Thigh Tattoos

Snake Thigh Tattoo

Similar to dragons, snake thigh tattoos for men give you many options in terms of design. What makes them a great choice is that they can represent intelligence, mystery, as well as transformation. Not to mention that they can emphasize a muscular thigh. 

Wolf Thigh Tattoos

Wolf Thigh Tattoo

Due to being fierce, loyal animals, wolves are often tattooed on people’s bodies. Since the thigh it’s quite a large area, a wolf tattoo will look spectacular on this part of your body – especially if you go for a wolf head only. It will fit the space wonderfully. 

Skull Thigh Tattoos

Skull Thigh Tattoo

Skulls are some of the most popular tattoo designs out there, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are also common picks for the thighs. You can mix this model with other elements like flowers, but also other creatures, like snakes or dragons. Either way, a skull can show that you are not someone to be messed with. 

Band Thigh Tattoos

Band Thigh Tattoo

Band tattoos make their way on people’s arms or forearms more frequently, but they look just as appealing on a thigh. If you want something that looks cool and shows your appreciation for a certain band, a thigh tattoo is an ideal pick. 

Gun Thigh Tattoos

Gun Thigh Tattoo

Guns are associated with fighting and the military, as well as authority, power, strength, and protection. Whether you want to represent your fighting spirit or your military career, you can do so with a gun thigh tattoo. 

Rose Thigh Tattoos

Rose Thigh Tattoo

Believe it or not, but rose tattoos are not just for women. A man can also rock a rose tattoo, especially when it’s on the thigh. These flowers may be beautiful, but they also have thorns, showing that they can be dangerous. Mixing them with other elements can make them more unique and can easily cover the entire thigh. 

Quote Thigh Tattoos

Quotes Thigh Tattoo

Quotes allow you to send a message to people who see your tattoo, or they can simply represent an important part of your life or personality. Choose the thigh as the spot for your favorite quote, and you’ll be seen as a very confident person. 

Small Thigh Tattoos

Small Thigh Tattoo

You may see all these men with huge thigh tattoos, but maybe you want to be more discreet. Small tattoos can also be a great choice for men, and they are less painful. Besides, it’s much easier to cover them later if you’re not happy with the design anymore and want something different. 

Cross Thigh Tattoos

Cross Thigh Tattoo

Do you want to show people that you are a religious and faithful man, or do you want to remind yourself of your faith every day? Cross tattoos are commonly used to show one’s faith and religion, but also the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity. A thigh placement can make it stand out. 

Birth Date Thigh Tattoos

Birthdate Thigh Tattoo

Perhaps you’ve seen a lot of men with their birth date inked on their thighs. You can do the same thing if you want to tell your story with your tattoos. Tattooing the birth date on your thigh can remind you of your personal journey and history. 

Tiger Thigh Tattoos

Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Just like lions, tigers are ferocious, powerful felines that are ready to attack their prey whenever necessary. In Asia, there are even many worship places that incorporate tigers. Nowadays, they are still symbols of strength. You can tattoo a traditional tiger design on your thigh, or opt for a more realistic or abstract piece of art. 

Medusa Thigh Tattoos

Medusa Thigh Tattoo

Medusa is one of the most popular mythology figures. According to the legend, she was cursed by the goddess Athena and anyone that would look into Medusa’s eyes would turn into stone. With her reptilian skin and snake hair, she can be a great piece to cover your thigh with. 

Tribal Thigh Tattoos

Tribal Thigh Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are popular on the arms, chests, or backs, but even the thigh is a perfect spot for a tribal design. It may be designed to represent something about yourself, or it may simply be an artsy piece that combines various interesting elements. 

Anchor Thigh Tattoos

Anchor Thigh Tattoo

Whether you’re a stable and hopeful man or someone who loves the sea, an anchor tattoo is an amazing way to represent all these traits. Anchors can be done in all sorts of designs, so if you tell your artist your idea, they can turn it into something majestic. 

Moth Thigh Tattoos

Moth Thigh Tattoo

You may have seen a rise in moth tattoos lately, even in men. Due to its shape, a moth can fit your thigh just perfectly. Moths can be a symbol of life and death, as well as change, so you can choose this design if you want to remember those times when you came out as a better man after a huge challenge. On top of that, moths can be drawn in unique styles. 

Owl Thigh Tattoos

Owl Thigh Tattoo

No matter if they are drawn using geometric shapes or in a more realistic style, owl thigh tattoos for men can look gorgeous. These are not only birds that know how to hunt, but they are also mysterious, have amazing hearing and they are wise so they come with a great symbolistic. 

Deer Thigh Tattoos

Deer Thigh Tattoo

Are you a very strong person? Or are you the type who loves nature and frequently explores new outdoor areas? Deer tattoos can symbolize this, so don’t hesitate to get this animal inked on your thigh. Deer are delicate and powerful at the same time, symbolizing human nature.

Hip and Thigh Tattoos

Hip and Thigh Tattoo

Out of all thigh tattoos for men, hip and thigh models may grab the most attention. They cover a huge amount of skin, and they can also include very complex designs. The sessions will be long, though, so even if you’re excited about this piece, you must equip yourself with lots of patience and prepare for the pain. 

Elephant Thigh Tattoos

Elephant Thigh Tattoo Source: @otautahitattooqueenstown via Instagram
Source: @otautahitattooqueenstown via Instagram

Elephants are big and strong, and they can symbolize wisdom. So, why not tattoo this majestic animal on your thigh? It can cover the entire thigh, showing everyone that you’re a powerful man.

Frequently asked questions about thigh tattoos

How much will a thigh tattoo cost?

Thigh tattoos vary in price based on size, artist, and tattoo complexity. A small tattoo may cost at least $500, whereas a larger canvas or more complicated design may cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Do men get thigh tattoos?

Even though thigh tattoos are more common in women, men also get thigh tattoos. The area is convenient due to its size, and the fact that it’s not extremely painful.

How painful are thigh tattoos?

Thigh tattoos are not that painful as compared to other parts of your body. That’s because this area has few nerve endings and more fat. The least painful spot for tattoos on the thigh is the upper outer thigh.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many amazing thigh tattoos for men you can opt for in 2023. Check the models on this list and see which one represents your personality the most. Remember that a tattoo should not only look cool but also show off a part of your soul and mind.

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