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Three Must-Have Men's Sneaker Investments For 2020

Keeping you at the forefront of fresh.

If there is one trend that thrived in 2019, that’s going even stronger in 2020, it’s sneakers. 2019 proved they’re the shoe that can do anything; appropriate for the office, exercise and everything in between. Nowadays instead of having a collection of different types of shoes for different occasions, you can now get away with a few quality sneakers that will have you covered for almost every event you’ll encounter this year.

2019 saw an array of sneaker trends. From chunky dad sneakers to 3D printed performance shoes, there was a broad spectrum of styles that gained popularity. If you’re like us and tend to avoid the trends, there are three timeless styles that look great today and will keep you at the forefront of fresh for the remainder of the year. Below are the three sneakers we believe are the most worthy of your hard-earned pennies.