Cool Rugs That Will Enhance Your Home's Masculinity

It's time to throw down. And stay toasty in style.

Throw Rugs

As winter wraps its icy tentacles around the southern parts of the world, a throw rug (or five) is essential to keeping your man-cave warm and up-to-date. Men can use throw rugs to cover mess at the last minute, get busy with a hot date under one, or simply mount it on the wall for a touch of modern-rustic charm to replace that Lamborghini poster from the 8th grade.

It’s time to throw down.

Where To Throw Your Throw

The type of rug you choose will be determined by where you want it

Throws are being draped over more than just sofas, so the type of rug you choose will be determined by where you plan to put it. Their versatility means you can put them almost anywhere – from the living room and bedroom to the bathroom or balcony. Alternatively, turn up the heat at the dining table with chairs covered in throws (this method also makes under-the-table antics way easier).

Here are some unexpected places to chuck a throw.

All about the location, location

On the floor: Thicker throws (and sturdy outdoor varieties) are ideal for long and narrow entryways. If you don’t have an entryway, strategically placed throws can carve out the illusion of a hallway.

Throw rugs warm up and protect heavy flow areas while adding a splash of personality. Skip light hues (work boots and white rugs are not friends) and find a thick throw with dark colours and patterns – these hide dirt more effectively than single-colour rugs.

In the Kitchen: Put a throw rug below the sink to avoid slipping while washing the dishes. A flat, machine-washable weave made of a strong material like jute can fight off wear and tear better than most. Don’t do the dishes? Use your throw rug to cover the mess and walk away. 

In the dining room: Use a throw rug in place of a tablecloth (who buys tablecloths, anyway?), or spruce it up a boring dining table with sheepskin throws over the chair-backs.

In the bedroom: Toss them (or fold neatly and place) on the end of your bed. Simples! Layering can take the bedroom rug game to a whole new level, and help retain the heat beneath the sheets. 

On the wall: As a cheap and easy alternative to expensive framed art, the mounting of throw rugs is a rapidly growing trend. Get into it! 

In the bathroom: Replace your mangy hand towel with a thin cotton throw for an instant bathroom facelift. The same rule applies for the bathroom mat, but a stronger throw rug is needed to do the job right.

Material & Pattern

Know your maker

Main options include wool and cotton, fur (faux and the real deal), polyester, acrylic and fleece. Lightweight throws are great for year-round use, but thicker rugs will serve you (and your electricity bills) well through the coming winter months.

Intricate patterns should be used sparingly. In general, solid colours and dramatic geometric prints work best in a man pad. TIP: Buy machine-washable rugs to bypass the dreaded hand-wash.

In terms of the fur, mohair and alpaca weaves are the most sought-after in 2017. Fake it till you make it with faux throws for a toasty crib any magnificent bastard would be keen to chill in.

Work With What You’ve Got

Throwing it all together is an art

Coordinating isn’t always the strong suit of a man, but you should consider your current furnishing when choosing a new throw rug. Go for rugs with similar colours, textures and patterns found around your pad.

Throw rugs can be used everywhere, so neutral colours ensure a single throw will look good in a multitude of spots. However, if most of your furnishing are fairly plain (with solid colours), patterned throws will liven up the space.

Throw Rug Life Hack: Reupholstery

Cover up imperfections

If your couch has seen better days, or if the dog chewed through the armrest, cover it with some throw rugs and move on with your life – and buy your dog a chew toy.

Where To Find Cool Rugs

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