Australians Hit With ‘Business Class Prices’ For Economy Tickets To Europe

Want to fly in peak season? That's going to cost you...

If you’ve been thinking about heading to Europe this ‘euro summer’, but haven’t yet booked, you could be in for a rude surprise. Flights – even economy ones – are up almost in the realms of what business class used to cost pre-pandemic.

Australians looking for last minute flights to Europe are in for a shock. Flying from Sydney to London (return) with Qantas, in July, at the time of writing, looks to cost you at least $4,000, and maybe even up to $5,000.

Image: Qantas booking page.

With Singapore Airlines, you can find an economy flights for $4,859, on those same dates. Qatar isn’t much cheaper, with the Doha based carrer offering return flights in July (from Sydney to London) for $4,191, for those same dates. We also found return economy flights on Etihad, for those dates, for $4,767.

Image: Singapore Airlines booking page.

As return July economy flights verge on cracking $5,000, one disgruntled would-be traveller told DMARGE that’s getting near (what used to be) business class price territory, before COVID struck and Putin invaded Ukraine (and before oil prices went bonkers).

Business class flights to Europe used to cost around $7,000 to $8,000 (less if you played your points right) – only a couple thousand dollars more than what some economy flights to Europe are now costing.

Business class flights in July 2022, however, are now, from what we can see, double that. A Qantas business class flight from Sydney to London on those aforementioned dates (leaving on the 8th of July and returning on the 30th) costs $17,416.

Another factor which explains why flights to Europe are so expensive is pent up demand. Not only is July a very popular time to fly to Europe (it’s our winter; their summer), but it’s also school holidays, and a good bulk of Australians haven’t been able to travel to Europe for leisure at that time of year for the last two and a half years.

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