Australians Outraged At Man Who Wants To ‘Americanise’ Tim Tams

"Lock him up for a long time."

Australians Outraged At Man Who Wants To ‘Americanise’ Tim Tams

Image Credit: Food & Beverage Industry News

One man has pitched a new (and rather American) Tim Tam flavour – but not everyone’s a fan…

There are some heathens out there who say Australia doesn’t have a food culture. To them I say, you clearly haven’t had the good fortune to taste delectable fairy bread, mouthwatering sausage sizzles and the divine chocolatey snack that is a Tim Tam.

For anyone unfamiliar, Tim Tam is an Australian biscuit brand owned by Arnott’s. Tim Tams are made with two thin malted biscuits which are joined together by a chocolate cream filling, and then the whole thing is coated in a thin layer of chocolate. In short, they’re delicious.

As with any snack food brand, multiple variations have been released over the years. Currently, there are OG Tim Tams (which, in my opinion, are the best), Tim Tam Dark (made with dark chocolate), Tim Tam White (made with white chocolate), Tim Tam Double Coat (covered in double the chocolate) and Tim Tam Chewy Caramel (these have a gooey caramel filling) available.

But one man dared to dream and pitched on Reddit a new Tim Tam flavour. User Djwagles wrote, “I have an idea… stick with me… Tim Tams with peanut butter on top.”

Peanut Butter Tim Tams did actually exist before they were discontinued due to “low demand”. Image Credit: YeahNah

Of course, Reddit users instantly chimed in and many had the same opinion as me. How dare he suggest we Americanise a classic Aussie snack!

One user commented, “You got some American in you?” while another joked, “This one right here, lock him up for a long time.”

Reddit user TotalSpaceNut reasoned that Tim Tams with peanut butter on top would just “taste pretty similar to an American brand [of] chocolate called Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.”

Of course, as one user ​​pointed out, “peanut butter Tim Tams used to exist.” But according to Arnott’s official Twitter, “the Peanut Butter Tim Tams were discontinued in 2016 due to low demand…”

…Low demand that was most likely the result of putting an American twist on an Australian classic. If you want chocolate and peanut butter together, get yourself some Reese’s; don’t ruin Tim Tams, mate.

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