Your Hookup Horror Stories Can Now Have An Audience Thanks To Tinder On TV

Swiping is now a spectator sport

If you were wondering how to make family gatherings even more awkward this holiday season, Tinder has the answer. Introducing: Tinder on Apple TV.

The dating app everyone loves to hate on (but can’t seem to quit) has officially launched an app for Apple TV. Users can download the app to see their matches on the big screen, and use a new touch-sensitive remote control to swipe left, right, or up for Super Like. Tinder Plus subscribers can also shake the remote to Rewind.

“It’s the same dynamite swiping experience you know and love,” said the Tinder blog, “just bigger, better and streaming live from your living room.”

In other words, while you get your Tinder on in search of a New Year’s Eve date, your nosy/horny/judgmental friends and family can kick back on the couch, crack out the popcorn, and get full view of the action. The idea is that they’re the people who know you best, so they’ll be an effective troop of free matchmakers who can guide your swiping lest you drown yourself in a sea of bad decisions and despair.

Or, in Tinder’s words:

“Need a second opinion before you Super Like? Good news: the cousins from Omaha just rolled in. Plus, why swipe alone when you can let Aunt Donna have a say? She’s known you since you were two; she’s watched you grow. If she says you should Swipe Right on that nice girl in the penguin costume, you Swipe Right on that nice girl in the penguin costume. Seriously man, show Aunt Donna some respect.”

Nothing against penguins, or Aunt Donna for that matter, but this sounds like a real quick trip to mayhem town. Imagine your family gathered expectantly around the television, eagerly watching you swipe through endless duckface selfies and pizza puns and references to Netflix and chill, critiquing your every move like the world’s most meddlesome sports commentators. A piece of your soul probably shriveled just thinking about it.

But what the hell. If you’re feeling particularly nihilistic about the holidays this year, gather the family ’round and enjoy fielding your grandma’s questions about what that cute little eggplant emoji means.