Woman's 'Undercover' Experiment Sparks Modern Dating Miracle

"I had to lead the conversation. Some of them put zero effort in."

Woman's 'Undercover' Experiment Sparks Modern Dating Miracle

@mikutas showing us the ideal goal for everyone on Tinder.

There are several stereotypes surrounding dating apps, the most common of which is that guys are on there for one thing, and one thing only. Either that or to send the notorious dick pic.

We’re not going to argue this sort of behaviour doesn’t happen, because women are indeed susceptible to trends such as ghosting and ‘candy corning’, but it might not represent the full picture within the world of dating apps.

Guys, after all, are allowed to have ~feelings~ too. But while there may not necessarily be a female equivalent of sending a picture of their junk – usually because a guy hopes to receive such images – it doesn’t mean to say all women are absolute saints when it comes to virtual dating.

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To put the theory that women aren’t the only victims of ‘bad boy’ behaviour to the test, Facebook user Alexander Grace – video via LadBible – asked his female friend, Sada, to pose as him on Tinder for a week, so she could be exposed to a more realistic side to dating apps for guys.

Their hypothesis was that the ‘fake’ Alex would get a ton of matches based on his appearance, along with a made-up, but still true, bio. Rather than go for the far-too-common “Love to travel, meet new people, have a good time” bio, she decided to go down the more romantic route.

This woman went undercover as a man on Tinder and she wasn’t expecting the response she got… 👀

Posted by LADbible on Monday, 1 June 2020

“Hi, my name is Alex. Looking for a nice lady to develop a meaningful relationship with and enjoy the pleasures of life.” Maybe not quite the modern-day Casanova, but simple and honest can win most races.

After just three days, Sada began to notice guys don’t have it easy. She said a conversation with one girl who matched with ‘Alex’, was “pure pain, pure agony.”

By day 5 Sada was practically ready to throw in the towel as she noticed the number of matches dropped dramatically.

“If I compare the experience that a woman has on a dating app and that a man has on a dating app, it’s much different, and it’s weird I struggle so much.”

When she regrouped with Alex at the end of the week, Sada deemed the experiment a failure. “I had lots of expectations on what would go on and what would happen, but it was the complete opposite.”

Not only did Sada rarely get a reply after one or two messages, she added she “Struggled”,

“I had to lead the conversation. Some of them put zero effort in.”

Speaking of her own experiences on dating apps, Sada said guys act in the complete opposite way. “They just don’t stop replying.”

“They don’t ‘ghost’, and it’s weird that women do it so often.”

This may be a bit of a generalisation from Sada, as we’ve seen not all guys are happy to keep chatting.

Alex added it’s the sort of behaviour average guys have to be subjected to on a daily basis and that it “eats away at your self-esteem.”

“She was answering with two or three words in each message. And I was like, why? Stop this. Stop!” We’ve all been there, right lads?

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He asked Sada if she thought other women should conduct their own Tinder experiment to see what guys actually experience on dating apps. Of course, this could have ethical implications due to ‘catfish’ behaviour.

Nevertheless, Alex’s experiment could well spark a miracle within the world of dating, and perhaps force people to rethink their behaviour when flirting behind a virtual barrier. If you’re keen, keep talking. If you’re not, don’t bother matching. It couldn’t be simpler.

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