Tom Hiddleston Knows The Secret To Mastering A Double Breasted Suit

When Loki becomes the God of Suiting.

Tom Hiddleston Double Breasted Suit

He may have made the profile-destroying mistake of wearing an ‘I love Taylor Swift’ t-shirt in the past, but Tom Hiddleston has seemingly redeemed himself in recent years by becoming one of the most stylish men in the entertainment circuit.

More than just a means to grab attention, Hiddleston has become a master of traditional British menswear and tailoring. His use of simple and traditional wardrobe ensembles is often backed up by proven colours that are quintessentially British — think conservative grey, navy, patterns and textures.

The 38-year-old English actor’s latest sighting once again proved this. Donning a very traditional double breasted suit in a light navy check, Hiddleston kept things super simple to let his threads do the talking at the recent FIJI Water event in New York.

The importance of impeccable tailoring was on display here with Hiddleston easily showing men how classic suiting is done with a combination of the aforementioned blue check suit, a white dress shirt, blue knitted tie, solid white pocket square and brown lace-up dress shoes. He may have been wearing a timepiece but it wasn’t to be seen; not that you’d notice anyway. Hiddleston also made sure that the most important rule of double breasted suiting was satisfied with the last button of the jacket left undone.

Here’s a closer look at the suit’s details. Classic, clean and devoid of any distractions. If you’re the type of man who likes a timeless English approach to sharp suiting, this is the way to pull it off.