What Women Want In Sex: According To Top-Tier Gigolo Reveals

Plus: why being well dressed is better than being well endowed...

What Women Want In Sex: According To Top-Tier Gigolo Reveals

Curvaceous buttocks. Careful desire. Ragnar Lodbrok’s penetrating gaze. If you believe the stereotypes it would appear the only man equipped to really please a woman in the bedroom is one with a body and emotional intelligence few possess.

But the truth has less to do with magical hip thrusts and more to do with paying attention. Still listening? Allow us to introduce ‘Lorenzo’ – a former active male escort and CEO of A Gentleman Caller, an Australian escort agency.

We sought out Lorenzo in a purely professional capacity, to ask him the very much hypothetical question: what is the secret to pleasing anyone in the bedroom.

Unfortunately for anyone looking for a quick fix, the first hint Lorenzo gave us was time: “Any escort will tell you the first few encounters are extremely nerve-wrecking and quite daunting… For me, it was a gradual build of experience, which gave me a great deal of confidence to relax and enjoy my clients’ company.”

He then went on to say: “While stamina in the bedroom is obviously a key element, it is not the be all and end all… Yes, maintaining a fit, toned and terrific body will attract an array of [women], but it will only mask your characteristics momentarily before the booking gets underway.”

What’s the secret then? “[Being] a well dressed, groomed and courteous gentleman will take you further in the long run.”

“Life experience [whatever your age] also plays a big part” in your bedroom success, Lorenzo added, saying that during the gigolo “recruiting” process, the main focus is to ensure that the gentleman’s agenda isn’t purely based on getting physical pleasure, but rather seeking a job where he will connect on an emotional level with each client.

“90% of the male escort industry is about companionship; accommodating to a woman’s needs both physically and mentally.”

Crucially, “Most ladies rely on intellectual stimulation just as much as physical stimulation. It might sound a little cliche, but most ladies including the majority of my experiences just want someone to talk to with a touch of TLC.”

“Personality is key. While your ‘equipment’ and prowess in the bedroom are obvious elements to success, your attitude needs to be on point. Why? Generally speaking, most people “have zero tolerance for brash and arrogant individuals.”

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