Twitter Launches Live Sports Streaming Via Wimbledon 2016


There’s been word that Twitter will be joining the the live broadcasting game recently but other than that little news was known about the new streaming service.

With a deal already teed up with America’s NFL, Twitter has today given the world a snippet of what their live sports function will feel like through the live streaming of day 9 of Wimbledon 2016.

The feature works by taking users to a live feed page which has two columns – one for the Twitter feed corresponding to the video subject via hashtags and a left column which has a video window screening the live game.

It’s essentially a real-time experience which brings together a live viewing experience and user engagement in the same place. There’s no news yet on whether this will be the final design version but for now it’s simple enough to navigate and figure out if you have a Twitter account.

Given that below the video features a ‘Brought to you by’ section linking back to the Wimbledon and ESPN Twitter accounts, you can expect that other sports screenings will feature the same thing, likely roping in advertisers and their tweets as well.

Audiences can peruse the Wimbledon live stream and experience the wrath of Kyrgios in real time on the dedicated Twitter page now.