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This $165 'Christmas Sweater' Is The Warmest Fit You'll Find These Holidays

Ho ho hellooo, sexy.

Christmas is rolling in fast and it’s time to get your hands on a quality Christmas sweater so that you can truly get into the Christmas spirit. After much deliberation and investigation, we’ve found the must-have Christmas sweater that will put any other sweater to shame.

The sweater in question is Smartwool’s CHUP Kaamos Sweater, which, as you’d probably guess, is made from Merino Wool. Unlike normal Merino, this wool is blended with polyester, so you get all of the antimicrobial, temperature regulating and odour neutralising benefits of wool – without it being scratchy and uncomfortable. The wool itself is sustainably sourced by Smartwool who are famous for their innovative and unique take on the time-honoured fabric.

So there is a lot of ‘tech’ behind this sweater, but what about the design? Typically you’d expect some daggy pattern, saying or image but this sweater is quite the contrary. Whilst it does feature a pattern, it’s far from daggy and in combination with either of the colourways, it looks great. All jokes aside, whether you want to wear it for Christmas lunch or on a chilly winters day it will work perfectly – and for $165 it’s reasonably priced too.

CHUP Kaamos Sweater $165