World’s Largest Superyacht Is Bigger Than The Titanic & Way More Luxurious

At 1063-feet, they're calling it a 'Gigayacht'.

World’s Largest Superyacht Is Bigger Than The Titanic & Way More Luxurious

Image: Ulyssia Residences

We’ve seen plenty of big-money superyacht stories here at DMARGE — take the slew of controversy around Jeff Bezos’ $700 million passion project or the $3 billion superyacht-submarine as prime examples — but this latest entrant into the world of multi-million-dollar maritime escapades might just be the most impressive yet…

A hitherto unprecedented feat of engineering come luxury, Ulyssia is set to overshadow not just the grandeur of the Titanic — which, I think we can all admit, would feel a little dated today… even if it had stayed afloat — but its monumental size too. At a staggering 1,063 feet, this floating palace promises to redefine luxury sea travel.

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Design And Specifications

Designed by esteemed designer Espen Øino, Ulyssia features a self-proclaimed sleek and elegant silhouette, marking it as one of the longest vessels to ever grace the seas. With a robust steel hull and a lightweight aluminium superstructure, it will be constructed by historic German shipyard Meyer Werft. This colossal yacht surpasses current giants like the 593-foot Azzam, presently the largest superyacht on the seas, and the 1,198-foot Icon of the Seas, the biggest cruise liner.

Image: Ulyssia Residences

The interiors of Ulyssia, brought to life by the Italian firm FM Architettura, promise five-star luxury. The yacht will house 132 private residences, ranging from 1,216 to (ab eye-watering) 10,000 square feet. These private abodes include penthouses, family duplexes, and apartments with one to six bedrooms. Each residence will boast elegant reception rooms, open-plan kitchens, private terraces, and uninterrupted ocean views. Owners can either choose from eight exquisite design options or customize their interiors.

Amenities And Cutting-Edge Technology

An onboard wellness centre, managed by Swiss experts Chenot, includes a state-of-the-art spa, fitness centre, and a medical facility equipped with advanced tools like X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds. For foodies, the yacht will feature multiple restaurants with world-renowned and emerging guest chefs. A gourmet market will offer local produce from the ship’s cruising regions, complemented by a well-stocked wine cellar…

Image: Ulyssia Residences

A theatre, library, indoor pool, art studio, and a resident’s garage for water toys make up the entertainment options while exterior decks will showcase multiple lounges, pools, and a helipad with two resident helicopters. The yacht club, marina, dive centre, and courts for padel and pickleball enhance the outdoor experience, while a fleet of electric tenders ensures swift and eco-friendly exploration…

Eco-Friendly And Adventurous

Ulyssia’s green credentials are almost as impressive as its features. Equipped with hybrid propulsion systems, the yacht will use methanol and other biofuels to keep emissions to a minimum, all supplemented by batteries and solar power.

Alain Gruber, CEO of Ulyssia Residences AG, encapsulates the company’s vision:

“The concept behind Ulyssia is, quite simply, traveling the world from the comfort of your home. Every day, you go out and explore magnificent destinations, but you come home to familiarity and impeccable service.”

Alain Gruber, CEO of Ulyssia Residences AG

With construction set to begin this year and delivery expected by October 2028, Ulyssia could genuinely revolutionise the concept of luxury maritime living, providing an experience somewhere between private superyacht and all-too-public cruise liner, with a welcome push towards a greener approach.