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Under Armour Face Mask: The $30 Mask You’ll Actually Want To Wear

Fashionable & functional pandemic protection.

With the global pandemic situation showing no signs of easing, it’s becoming ever more paramount that we protect ourselves and those around us from contracting The Virus. One of the most effective and, not to mention, one of the easiest ways we can all do our bit is to wear a face mask whenever we’re outside.

But we’ll admit, the standard blue ones provided by the likes of hospitals aren’t the most comfortable and they sure as hell don’t look good. We know health is more important than fashion, but we imagine the ugly nature of the blue masks is what is putting many people off wearing one.

That is all bound to change, however, with the launch of Under Armour’s face mask. Available to pre-order now, Under Armour’s (yes, the sportswear company who you wouldn’t have thought would have produced a face mask) face mask is one you will want to wear day in and day out. It looks great and is incredibly functional far beyond just protecting your respiratory system.

Since UA has a sporting background, the Sportsmask is designed to be worn all day, and as such, is made from UA’s own high-performance materials, which includes a polyurethane open-cell foam. This allows air to flow through the mask, meaning you can breathe as normal. You also get an anti-microbial treatment on the inner layer to keep it fresher for longer (although it’s highly recommended you wash the mask after each wear).


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UA’s proprietary Iso-Chill fabric also makes an appearance on the inside layer and on the over-ear loops. This fabric remains cool to the touch, so no chances of feeling overheated during daily use. Finally, the outer layer is water-resistant too, so you can easily wear it outside should the weather turn sour.

All in all, it’s an incredibly comfortable mask that we think looks fantastic and is one that we reckon will help drive down transmission.

Due to ship by 4th September, there’s never been a better time to place your order.

Pre Order The Under Armour Sportsmask $30

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