Vacations Are Not For Relaxing, It’s Just A Fantasy

But hey, we'd take fantasy over real life any day...

There’s a reason everyone loves a good holiday – no work and all play. Plus, money’s not really an issue because you’ve been saving it all up so you can splurge to your heart’s content whilst on your vacation.

Most would argue that because of these reasons, holidays are a great way to relax and unwind from the everyday stresses of life.

But one Twitter user seems to disagree and believes that we don’t actually relax on holidays – we just suspend ourselves from reality and live an “unstainable fantasy”.

Of course, people immediately chimed in. One Twitter user commented, “This was my husband and me before kids. It was nice to imagine different lives in different cities. We never succumbed to the fantasy. Alas.”

Another wrote, “Yes….fantasy world for a few days!”

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However, a few Twitter users were baffled by the thought of going on holiday in places “equally expensive”.

“Confused about where you vacation/where you live if the city you’re vacationing to is equally as expensive as your own,” one person wrote, while another user – who clearly must live in Dublin – joked, “a city as expensive as Dublin? now there’s a fantasy x”.

Overall, the consensus was that most people do live out a bit of fantasy while on vacation instead of relaxing – there were a lot of “True” and “ATTACKED” replies in the comments.

Aside from one poor user who called vacations “an expensive parenting relocation program”.

That beach better make up for it, because honestly, that early wake-up time sounds like an awful holiday scenario…

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