Van Heusen Has Your Party Season Wardrobe Covered

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Van Heusen Has Your Party Season Wardrobe Covered

The following article was produced in partnership with Van Heusen.

With 2022 offering the first real chance many of us in Australia can truly celebrate the party season, there’s never been a better time to update your wardrobe accordingly. Whether you have a work Christmas party, countless summer weddings or a day at the races, there’s only one brand you need to know when getting ready this year: Van Heusen

With its history dating back as far as 1881 in Pennsylvania, Van Heusen has remained at the forefront of men’s formal wear ever since. It was Dutch immigrant John Manning Van Heusen who spearheaded this charge, thanks to his revolutionary (and now ubiquitous) soft-folding shirt collar, invented in 1919. Van Heusen shirts making full use of this new collar design began being imported to Australia from the 1930s, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

No longer just a shirtmaker, however, Van Heusen is now here to reignite the menswear space, using its decades of design experience and keen eye for craftsmanship, to deliver a collection it’s calling “any wear, any time.” 

Van Heusen’s Spring/Summer ‘22 collection is one all Australian men can get excited about as it not only looks the part, but it’s one with a healthy dose of fun injected into it, and one that encourages us all to dress up again. 

It’s certainly understandable; the past few years have seen us all resort to loose-fitting t-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies, as we all became accustomed to working from home and dancing around our kitchen to hold onto any form of party spirit. 

But now Australia has something to celebrate: Van Heusen is taking the lead and telling us we can now ditch the dodgy clothing and make ourselves feel great again. After all, when we look good in what we wear, our positive inner self radiates through. 

While it may not have originated in Australia, Van Heusen holds the Australian market close to everything it does, and it’s this bond that sees the brand using locally-sourced materials where possible in its collection. Premium Australian wool provides the backbone for its Black Label suit collection, for example. 

It’s the more casual suiting that has us giddy with excitement, though. Not only are they presented in summer-ready colours, but they’re incredibly versatile, capable of being worn either with a business shirt, or a more casual t-shirt for an elevated, off-duty look. 

It’s not just shirts and suits where Van Heusen shines in 2022. The brand has also introduced a more casual capsule collection of wardrobe staples, including t-shirts, chinos, polo shirts and shorts. No matter what you choose, you can be assured every piece in Van Heusen’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection has been made to the highest quality and in ethical and sustainable ways. 

Indeed, Van Heusen is committed to doing its part for the environment and has set itself the target of generating zero waste, reducing its carbon footprint and eliminating hazardous chemicals through its entire supply chain by 2030. Van Heusen also makes sure that every single member along its supply chain is valued, celebrated and rewarded for their contribution. 

Overall, Van Heusen’s Spring/Summer ‘22 menswear collection and the brand’s engaging, exciting direction, is one all Australian men can get behind. Versatile, elegant and accessible, Van Heusen should be your go-to this summer to restock your wardrobe. 

Check out Van Heusen’s Spring/Summer ‘22 ‘Any Wear, Any Time’ Collection in the video below or by clicking here.