Would You Drop $1 Million On The World's Most Expensive Weeklong Holiday?

It's the kind of experience money can't buy (except it does).

Calala Island

Luxury beachfront accommodation? Check. Private jets and helicopters? Check. Gourmet dining? Check. Custom cigars, a Hollywood videographer, and a literal treasure hunt? Check, check, and check.

The experience? Far from priceless.

One-percenters dream website VeryFirstTo.com is behind this ultra-exclusive holiday on Calala Island, a seven-day vacay that will set you back a mind-boggling US$1 million. Though the one-week break may well be the world’s most expensive holiday package, that hefty price tag comes with some truly extraordinary perks that guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Calala Island is a remote, private island resort nestled in a largely-unexplored part of the Caribbean off the coast of Nicaragua. The experience begins with a flight on an Embraer Legacy private jet from any US city to Nicaragua. Upon landing, guests are whisked off to the paradise island in two Bell helicopters. Once the guests have been safely delivered and are settled into Calala’s four luxurious villas, a no-fly zone is established around the island to ensure maximum, celeb-level privacy.

And that’s just the beginning of this utterly absurd escape.

During their weeklong stay, guests will experience a dizzying array of adventures and indulgences. A minimum of 25 staff are on hand at all times to address every imaginable request. Scuba dives around untouched reefs, motorised watersports, and a private fireworks display provide entertainment. For the sophisticated smoker, a world-class cigar maker will be flown in to create a custom blend and 20 limited edition boxes of bespoke smokes.

Naturally, food is a focus of this opulent holiday. Culinary experiences include a 12-course gala dinner, a caviar tasting, a cooking master class, and a sushi meal that sees guests catch their own fish and watch it prepared immediately onboard the boat by the island’s sushi chef. Unlimited fine wines and Dom Perignon champagne is available throughout the trip.

In honour of Calala’s history as a pirate island, guests will embark on a specially curated treasure hunt. The stakes are high and very real: if you successfully follow the antique maps and clues, you’ll discover a hidden treasure chest containing real gold bars and coins worth $150,000.

Last but not least, the package includes a videographer to capture the memorable moments and present a fully edited video and bound photo book at the end of the stay, and $100,000 of the $1M fee will be donated towards building a school for underprivileged children on the mainland. The lead guest will be invited to meet with the Nicaraguan president and mayor of the region to unveil the new school, which will bear his or her name for generations to come.

VeryFirstTo’s Calala Island extravaganza is available for up to 10 guests at a time, so gather your mates with royal tastes and start pooling your assets. You can book here when you’ve taken out second mortgages and pawned all your worldly possessions.