Virgin Atlantic Unveils 'Love Suites' For Couples Who Perform PDA

Cue porno music.

Love stricken globetrotters can now get their horizontal tango on at 35,000 feet thanks to Virgin Atlantic’s latest sultry seat configuration.

They’re called ‘Love Suites’ and they come with a dedicated audience. The two individual seats are placed directly next to one another and cater to those who want to eat or watch movies in close proximity to their special friend.

Any other activities embarked on is entirely up to the couple seated smack-bang in the centre column.

The Airbus A330-200 will carry the Love Suites in their first class cabin alongside the Solo Freedom suite (aisle access seats) and Solo Corner Office (individual window seats).

All of the seats in this class convert to lie-flat beds and include in-flight Wi-Fi access, barista-style coffee selection and something the airline calls “Happy Socks” – no relation to condoms, unfortunately – they’re actually just premium socks.

Those keen on treating unsuspecting passengers to their bouts of forbidden love will need to shell out big for flights from Manchester, England to locations like New York, Boston, San Francisco and Barbados.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.