Luxury Travel Experts Name The Best Hotels Of 2016

Best Hotels Of 2016

We’ve been known to splurge on a hotel now and then. And when we do, we want to be sure it’s worth the money. The travel experts at Virtuoso recently unveiled their picks for the best hotels of 2016 from a sterling crop of nominees.

The Best of the Best awards were announced at the 28th annual Virtuoso Travel Week conference. Celebrating its 10th year, the prestigious competition recognises the industry’s top properties and hoteliers. Fifty contenders battled to be crowned in their categories in 2016. Each exceptional hotel represents the highest standard in its given group and illustrates the industry’s most influential trends.

Virtuoso took several factors into consideration when choosing the winners:

  • History: Legendary hotels continue to endure amongst luxury travellers. Rooms are upgraded and amenities are modernised, but it’s impossible to put a price tag on the timeless essence left by guests who once walked through the doors.
  • Culture: With seven continents, 195 independent countries, and nearly 7,000 different languages in the world, discerning travellers want to see, hear, taste, and feel the authentic attributes of a destination. Properties that establish a deep level of cultural immersion resonate most with upscale hotel enthusiasts.
  • Experience: Luxury travellers increasingly desire careful curation as part of the hotel experience. From high style and haute cuisine, to groundbreaking designs that transform a property, guests are seeking out hotels that deliver a certain “feel” that represents their own lifestyle (and looks great on social media).
  • Conscience: Can a hotel change the way you see the world? Luxury travellers are looking to broaden their “Journey to Global Citizenship,” using travel as a means of educating themselves and their children while simultaneously giving back to a local community in a meaningful, engaging way.

The best hotels of 2016 embody these trends and promise guests experiences worth splashing out on. View the big winners in the gallery above.

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