Australian Sneaker Brand Offers Luxurious Incentive For You To Get The Jab

A sharp deal.

Australian Sneaker Brand Offers Luxurious Incentive For You To Get The Jab

Image: Von-Röutte

At DMARGE, there’s nothing that we like more than highlighting cool Australian brands. So when a cool Australian sneaker brand announces a deal that will save you money while also helping a good cause, we really have no choice but to shine a spotlight on them.

Founded in 2016, Von-Röutte is a Sydney-based brand that specialises in high-end, ethically made casual leather sneakers. Made in Portugal and boasting clean, minimal designs perfect for all occasions, Von-Röutte sneakers stand out as a truly quality option in a market defined by austere and brash aesthetic extremes, as well as questionable quality and value.

In short, they’re some bloody good, consciously made sneakers. But what makes them even better is the deal that their co-founder, Gus Agra, has just announced today.

“From today, everyone under 40 can get vaccinated. ⁠The faster we take the jab, the faster we can enjoy our lives as it was before.⁠ To speed up our freedom, we decided to launch ‘get the jab, get 20’.”

“We are offering 20% off for everyone who gets vaccinated. Simply DM us with your vaccination certificate, and we’ll issue a personalised voucher.⁠”

“Help us spread this idea and stop the virus.”

You read that correctly – 20% off your order if you get vaccinated.

DMARGE spoke exclusively with Agra, who explained his motivations behind offering this great deal.

“With the latest lockdown imposed by the NSW Government in Australia, we had to close our store until the community transmission is back to 0. Unfortunately, the Delta variation seems to be super powerful and we strongly believe that our only way out is to have everyone vaccinated.”

“The promotion just made sense in this context: Since Friday 30th of July, everyone in Sydney can get the jab. The more people are vaccinated, the faster we can be back to ‘normal’. If every business copies this idea (which they are welcome to) we could significantly motivate people to accelerate the vaccination rate. It’s better for everyone: businesses, people and the economy.”

“In Australia, we are lucky to have an overstock of vaccines and this is also a good way to open the conversation that all vaccines available here are more than safe to take. The important thing is to be vaccinated. Vaccines save lives!”

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This is one of those ‘kill two birds with one stone’ situations. Not only do you save a chunk of change on some seriously good shoes, but you’re supporting a small, independent Australian business at a time when retailers are doing it really tough. Oh, and you’re helping keep yourself and the community safer from this awful pandemic.

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If you’ve already got the jab, spoil yourself and get some new creps. If you haven’t, maybe this might be what pushes you over the line.

What would be really cool is to see more businesses follow Agra and Von-Röutte’s lead and offer similar incentives for Australians to get jabbed. The quicker we all get vaccinated, the quicker life can return back to normal. Imagine a summer where we don’t have to worry about socially distancing… Might as well get yourself some cool new sneakers to wear in the summertime, too.

Check out Von-Röutte’s range online here. Not sure how to get a record of your COVID-19 vaccination? Follow these helpful instructions here.

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