If You’re Only Using SBS On Demand For The World Cup, You’re Missing Out On a Killer Show

Need something to watch between matches? Try 'War of the Worlds'.

If You’re Only Using SBS On Demand For The World Cup, You’re Missing Out On a Killer Show

Image: StudioCanal

The following article was produced in partnership with SBS On Demand.

Despite the air conditioning, the battle for global domination (and bragging rights) at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is getting hotter than the bottom of an old laptop with too many tabs open.

We’ve had the pleasure of watching legends like Ronaldo, Ochoa, Navas, Modric, Suarez, Silva, Neuer and Busquets do their perennial best (more likely than not) for the last time at a World Cup and the thrill of seeing the new guard (think: Richarlison, Vinicius, Mbappe, Gavi, Bellingham, Antony and Tchouameni) take their rightful new places in history.

But although nostalgia can sometimes be a good thing (how good is it that the World Cup is finally back on SBS On Demand), being set in your ways sometimes means missing out on a world of opportunities. 

Speaking of which: if you are only using SBS On Demand for soccer, you’re missing out on a killer show – War of the Worlds. Without giving away too much, War of the Worlds is an epic sci-fi series – and one of the most exciting shows of recent years. Its much-awaited third season launched on SBS On Demand on the 23rd of November, and it’s arguably the best post-apocalyptic thriller since The Walking Dead

Intrigued? Don’t just use SBS On Demand for the World Cup: why not give War of the Worlds a chance? Not only is it the perfect way to kill time between matches, but – once you get into it – War of the Worlds is as gripping as watching the clock tick down as your favourite team tries to hold onto a hard-fought lead.

Before you throw your favourite football jersey at us and whistle us off the park: hear us out. Even if you’re not into sci-fi, you don’t need to be to enjoy War of the Worlds. If you’re a soccer fan, enjoying the knife-edge tension of watching your team see out a ten-minute spell while the opposition peppers the box with crosses, you already understand the attraction of War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is the Anglo-French reimagining of H.G. Wells’ classic science fiction novel. Its big themes are family and loss, how people react to a crisis, what it means to be human and how power and circumstance can warp human morality.

If you haven’t already seen seasons one and two, War of the Worlds follows pockets of survivors teaming up after an apocalyptic extra-terrestrial strike. In the explosive and heart-raising new chapter of War of the Worlds that is season three, the struggle between the survivors and the aliens hits a new pivot point (yep: about as crucial as Cavaminga and Tchouameni taking over from Pogba and Kante) when a terrifying phenomenon grips people across the world (no spoilers here, don’t worry). 

The survivors are forced to team up to prevent another planetary catastrophe and fight for the survival of humanity. In this third season, Gabriel Byrne (Hereditary, The Usual Suspects, Zero Zero Zero) and Léa Drucker (The Bureau) will be joined by new actors: Molly Windsor (Three Girls), Ernest Kingsley Junior (The Sandman) and Oliver Hembrough (The White Princess).

If you enjoy the pain and pleasure of watching Messi carry an entire team on his back (we joke, we joke: it’s actually on his left foot), we can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself getting invested in the plot of War of the Worlds. And War of the Worlds isn’t the only show on SBS On Demand. SBS On Demand is a treasure trove of streaming content that gives the likes of Netflix, Binge and HBO a run for their money. Even better – it’s free. 

So, if you’re sick of mindlessly consuming the same old shows on platforms that were once the be-all and end-all of entertainment (let’s be honest, Netflix had a few very hot years), SBS On Demand is the perfect refresher. In fact, we’d go beyond that: SBS On Demand is the ideal chance for you to find your new favourite show (I’m not even kidding).

SBS On Demand consistently provides reinvigorating content that hits different – content that goes beyond the sheer dopamine rush of making you want to keep watching; content that actually makes you think. 

Think of SBS On Demand as a palette cleanser between HBO binges, if you will. SBS On Demand gives you the world’s best movies, dramas, comedies and documentaries. So, this summer, don’t just sit on it. Do a little digging. We’re sure you’ll find something you love. And soccer fans, do yourself a favour and start with War of the Worlds. Regardless of what happens on the football pitch, the battle for global domination has only really just begun…

Check out SBS On Demand and the latest season of War of the Worlds here.