8 Best Whiskey Bars In Brisbane 2023

8 Best Whiskey Bars In Brisbane 2023

Whisky – or whiskey, depending on where it hails from – is revered by many as being an elixir from the Gods. With various countries producing bottles with flavours and aromas unique to their origin, searching for and sampling the liquid gold is a passion shared by many.

Australia shows a particular affinity for whisky and has distilleries dotted around the country producing some of the finest examples in the world. However, even we can admit that some of the best whiskies need to come from overseas and the best way to try them is by visiting a dedicated whisky bar.

And where can you find such wondrous whisky bars? In Brisbane of course. All of Australia’s major cities have their own take on what the classic whisky bar should be and we think Brisbane has nailed it with their selection. Naturally, you can expect to find a great selection of whisky at any of Brisbane’s coolest restaurants, bars and even cocktail bars, but for bartender knowledge and variety, only a whisky bar will do.

So, get yourself a taxi, head into town and make your way through the coolest whisky bars Brisbane has to offer.

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