Unique Retreats: Space-Age Camping Pods In The Swiss Alps

Like Burning Man. But comfortable. And European.


The Swiss Alps represent nature at its finest, so why hole up in a hotel when you could experience the scenery up close? Whitepod’s geodesic camping domes in Les Cerniers, Switzerland, are the coolest way to see the mountains as Mother Nature intended.

Located at 1250 m (4100 ft), each pod is a harmony of ecology and luxury with unbeatable views. The domes are highly energy efficient and require minimal building materials during construction, while heat and water consumption are carefully regulated to eliminate waste. Whitepod purchases almost exclusively from local wine and meat suppliers, using only seasonal ingredients in its restaurant. Even the colour of the pods is adapted to each season, turning white in winter and green in summer to mesh seamlessly with the environment.

But crunchy granola camping this is not. The standard pods come in three sizes – cosy, family, deluxe – and are equipped with luxe hotel essentials like king beds, en suite bathrooms, satellite TV, Nespresso coffee machines, and large private terraces.

For a fully glam Alps experience, book one of Whitepod’s three premium suites. The Swiss Suite recreates a classic chalet atmosphere with wood panelled walls and traditional Swiss bells. The Forest Suite transports you to the world’s ritziest birch woods, complete with trees, a hammock, and a “nest” bed. The 007 Suite is sleek and high tech, perfect for a romantic getaway in the vein of a suave secret agent.

All suites include a private sauna, a bar with unlimited champagne and wine, an iPad with Netflix, and breakfast delivered directly to the pod.

Group activities take place in the Pod-house, where you’ll find the breakfast room, the sauna and massage area, the bar, and the meeting room. The reception area and restaurant are located in the Les Cerniers chalet, where you’ll also find the ski slopes and lifts reserved exclusively for Whitepod guests.

The surrounding area offers abundant outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, paragliding, tennis, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and more. Then again, you may get your fill of physical exertion straight after check-in. The camp is a 20-minute walk from parking and reception, which means trekking with a map, a headlight, walking sticks, and in winter, snowshoes, before ever reaching your pod.

At least the luggage gets lucky – it gets to travel via snowmobile.

Your next Swiss glamping stay awaits. Check rates and book here.

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