How To Get Whiter Teeth In 10 Minutes

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There are lots of reasons a date could go wrong. You could accidentally call her your ex’s name. You could drunkenly drone on about the special relationship you have with your mother. You could let slip that you’re proud parent to more cats than she is. You could go for the kiss with pirate-yellow teeth and breath so bad it smells like it was buried in a time capsule, dug up, and injected back into your mouth.


Sit with that last image for a second and stop wondering why you didn’t get another date. Good hygiene is the mark of a stylish gentlemen, whether he’s single, dating, or in a long-term relationship. You deserve a top-notch smile to go with your top-notch taste in clothes, so today let’s talk about your precious pearly whites.


Wanting whiter teeth isn’t just about scoring some locked-lip action. Odds are you’ve had a vice or two in your day, whether it was too much tobacco, a serious caffeine addiction, or one too many glasses of red wine. Over the years those things add up to surface stains and deeper discolouration that speed up the aging process. Whiter teeth boost confidence, take years off your appearance, and make the right first impression. A little vanity is good for the soul.


There are multiple ways to lighten your precious pearlies. You have the option of an intensive in-office whitening procedure, but it comes with the hassle of seeing a dentist (and the steep price tag of visiting a pro). You also have the option of using a home whitening kit, which offers solid results for much less money on the convenience of your home turf. Call us crazy, but we’ll take what’s behind door number two.



HiSmile’s Peroxide-free Teeth Whitening Kit is the way to go. As the first peroxide-free teeth whitening tool to hit the market in Australia, HiSmile is making a name for itself as a safe, easy to use, and affordable product. Hydrogen peroxide can cause a laundry list of unpleasant side effects, including chemical burns, bleeding gums, damage to tooth enamel, and receding gums, not to mention the dangers associated with swallowing it. HiSmile uses sodium perborate instead, which provides first-rate results without any of the dangers. Even better, you’ll see improvement after only 2 applications of the gel and your bank account will barely feel a thing.


The Peroxide-free Teeth Whitening Kit was designed to be a user-friendly affair. The kit contains whitening gel packages in easy to use syringes, a patented mouthguard, an LED light to accelerate the whitening process and a full instruction leaflet. For those of you who worry you have all the delicacy of a caveman wearing two layers of mittens, the gel comes already loaded into the syringes – a convenient and mess-free experience. A whiter smile awaits at the HiSmile website.

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