Who Is Faith Ordway? Boxing, N-Word, Reddit, Fights, Height, Age, Elle Brooke & More

Everything you need to know about Faith Ordway.

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Faith Ordway is a young woman who made it in life. She is pretty, famous, and confident and she is also loved by millions of people – this can only boost her confidence. 

Ordway is active on a wide range of platforms, including Instagram and TikTok. Through her activity, she made many people fall in love with her and support her. The boxer and social media influencer went viral many times, and earlier in 2023, she went against Elle Brooke in a boxing match. Now, her fans are waiting to see whether the model will fight someone else soon, and what her next posts on Instagram and TikTok are going to be.

Who exactly is Faith Ordway and how did she gain all this popularity? Keep reading as we unfold details about her age, relationship, boxing, height, weight, career, and more.

Faith Ordway Quick Facts

Name:Faith Ordway
Age: 22
Height:5 feet 5 inches / 167 cm
Weight: 116 lbs / 53 kg
Net Worth:$2 million (Estimated)
Instagram:@faithordway; 1.2 million followers

Who Is Faith Ordway?

Who Is Faith Ordway
Source: @faithordway via Instagram

Faith Ordway is an American boxer, Instagram celebrity, TikTok star, and social media influencer. She was born on May 23, 2001, and despite being very young, she managed to make a name for herself. She collaborated with famous TikTokers, including Charli D’Amelio, and she has a huge following on her platforms.

Ordway is a beautiful model who also fights. Her rise to fame came on TikTok, and she doesn’t regret creating content for the video platform. She said that she didn’t really think that TikTok was where she would grow so much, mainly because her videos were getting no views back when she got started. However, once she started posting varied content, people kept following her. 

Ordway has an Instagram account with 1.2 million followers. Meanwhile, on TikTok, she has 4.8 million followers. She also uses Twitter, with her account there having 63.3k followers. People on Reddit have also been talking about her a lot, with some praising her while others were criticising her. 

Faith Ordway’s Relationship

Faith Ordway’s Relationship
Source: @faithordway via Instagram

A beautiful and talented lady such as Faith would naturally have many admirers. Lots of people compliment her in the comment sections of TikTok and Instagram, and some even hope that they will be able to date Ordway. 

But at the moment, we don’t know whether Ordway is in any relationship or not. It seems that she is single, or that she wants to keep her love life private. Also, we don’t know whether she is looking for a partner or wants to focus on her career for now. 

Faith Ordway’s N Word Controversy

There are rumours circulating online that Faith Ordway used the n word. This made her get a lot of attention online, and not the good kind. People started talking about her, criticising her decision to use the word.

On Twitter, users were storming the platform with criticism for the boxer, with people being very disappointed in the model. 

Faith Ordway and Elle Brooke

Earlier in 2023, people were keeping an eye on Faith Ordway and Elle Brooke. Faith reached out to the OnlyFans creator back in January, asking to set up their boxing fight. This would be Ordway’s debut in boxing. People were waiting to see Faith’s performance, particularly her fans, who supported everything she did. 

Faith Ordway and Elle Brooke
Source: @faithordway via Instagram

Apparently, Ordway spent over a year preparing for the fight, and when she felt like she was finally ready, she slid into her DM’s.

“Originally I was supposed to have a fight that was set up a little while back, but it fell through,” Ordway said. “I started getting comments saying I should fight Elle Brooke, so I went and found her profile and slid in her DM’s. I was like ‘Hey, are you down or what?’ and she hit me back.”

Faith Ordway’s First Boxing Match Results

When it was finally time to join the boxing match, people were very excited. Elle Brooke has a disadvantage due to her height, so Ordway’s devotees hoped that this would give the TikTok celebrity the chance to win. 

However, Brooke’s height disadvantage did not stop her from winning the match. When the fight began, Brooke started going at her opponent relentlessly, which took many by surprise. Ordway got hurt, and Brooke got spurred on even further. Although Ordway was doing her best to swing wildly at Brooke, she was unable to land any significant shot. The referee has to step in and put an end to the match.

Talking about the fight in an interview, Brooke said “Guys, that is what you call a TKO. You guys are lucky to see the best two influencer boxers in that ring tonight – me No 1, Faith No 2.”

Following her victory, Brooke celebrated the outcome with Ebanie Bridges. 

Faith Ordway and Jesse Lannister

Although Ordway fought Elle Brooke, it seems that there is more tension between her and Jesse Lannister, also known as American Fangs. However, Ordway does not want to join Lannister in a boxing match, not until she becomes more popular as a boxer.

“The only thing I’ll say about that woman is that I’m avoiding her because I don’t want to give her any press,” Ordway said. “I feel like she’s been trying to run after me solely for the fact she has fallen off, she’s old, she does OnlyFans and she has children, I mean, I would never.”

Ordway also accused Lannister of blocking her on Instagram, which is why she cannot say more to her through the DMs. 

Faith Ordway Frequently Asked Questions

Is Faith Ordway married?

Ordway is not married at the moment, and she doesn’t appear to be in any relationship. She may have not found the perfect partner yet.

How old is Faith Ordway?

Faith is 22 years old as of 2023.

What is Faith known for?

The American model is known for her TikTok content, as well as her boxing match with Elle Brooke.