Fred Schebesta Net Worth, Partner, Finder & Crypto Castle

An Australian success story.

Fred Schebesta Net Worth, Partner, Finder & Crypto Castle

Fred Schebesta is incredibly active within the Australian community, being a notable entrepreneur – he co-founded the Finder comparison website – and is often described as Australia ‘Crypto King’ due to the fact he invested some serious money into Bitcoin when it was going cheap, and making millions in profit.

So, who is Fred Schebesta, what is his net worth and how did he make his money? Read on to find out.

Fred Schebesta Quick Facts

Name: Fred Schebesta
Age: 40
DoB: March 4 1982
Nationality: Australian
Net Worth: $214 million (estimated)
Instagram: @fredschebesta – 7.9k followers
TikTok: @fred.schebesta – 107k followers

Who is Fred Schebesta?

Image: @fredschbesta

Fred Schebesta is an Australian entrepreneur who is best-known as being the co-founder of, which has grown to become Australia’s biggest comparison site. Fred founded Finder in around 2008, when he was 26 years old and it initially started life as a site to compare credit cards. After experiencing huge demand, Finder eventually expanded into a website that compares pretty much anything you can think of. Fred says he wants the site to be “the Amazon of comparison.”

Fred admits he wasn’t the most studious child at school, claiming he was “a rebel.” He found enjoyment in competitive sports such as tennis and chess but he says his parents still noticed a lack of motivation in him.

Fred did attend Macquarie University in Sydney to study, although he decided to change his degree to one in finance, but in his spare time he began building websites for his friends and family, for free.

Showing obvious talent, Fred was paid to build a website for his neighbour’s business in 2001 and from this, Fred set up the digital marketing agency, Freestyle Media. Fred and his business partner Frank Restuccia later sold Freestyle Media, before setting up Finder.

Finder is now a global business worth $300 million.

Fred Schebesta Crypto

While Finder certainly generates a lot of income for Fred, he really made it big through investing in cryptocurrency. He is said to have invested a great deal of money into Bitcoin when it cost around $4,000 per coin, before the crypto coin experienced a dramatic spike in 2017.

Now referred to as a Crypto King, Fred expanded the Finder empire to create Finder Ventures in 2018, an investment company whose sole mission it to help develop “global brands that will transform the lives of everyday people.”

Through Finder Ventures, Fred launched another company, HiveEx, which is a crypto broker that allows high-net-worth individuals trade large sums of money within the world of crypto. The key selling point is that HiveEx offers a fixed price on trades on Bitcoin and a select few other major cryptocurrencies.

Finder App

Following the successful launch of HiveEx, Fred set to work on developing the Finder app, which launched in 2020. The Finder app doesn’t just make it easy to access comparison information on-the-go, but through it, you can connect your bank accounts and access financial management tools, with the app showing you a range of products that could offer you potential savings.

Fred Schebesta House

Fred Schebesta’s Coogee Crypto Castle. Image: Ballard Property

Fred Schebesta currently lives in what he has dubbed the ‘Crypto Castle‘, a palatial waterfront mansion in South Coogee, Sydney, which he bought for around AU$16.85 million in 2021. Fred appears on the second season of Amazon Prime‘s Luxe Listings, which also stars notorious Sydney real estate agent, Gavin Rubinstein.

But, he’s also giving wealthy individuals a chance to stay in his home, after he listed it on Airbnb for just over $52,000 a night. Fred previously owned a penthouse apartment in Tamarama, Sydney, which he hoped to sell for over AU$7 million. But, it has yet to sell and currently has a guidance price of $5.8 million.

Fred Schebesta Wife & Family

Image: @fredschebesta

Fred Schebesta keeps his private life, private, and so not much is known about who is in a relationship with. It has been documented that he separated from his ex-wife, and that he has two daughters from that relationship. He also has a son, going by some of his posts on Instagram.

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