Who is Gstaad Guy? The Social Media High Society Comedian

Who is Gstaad Guy? Learn more about the comedian parodying the Top 1%

Who is Gstaad Guy? The Social Media High Society Comedian

Image: @gstaadguy

Gstaad Guy has made a name for himself through his satirical comedy parodying the top 1%, poking fun at the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

His alter-egos, English elite Constance, and his American cousin Colton have provided entertainment and laughs for many.

But who is Gstaad Guy? He’s lived a very secretive life away from social media but read on to find out more about him.

Gstaad Guy Quick Facts

Name: Gstaad Guy (real name thought to be Mac although hasn’t publicly shared it)
Age: Not known but believed to be mid-20s
DoB: Not confirmed 
Nationality: British. Born and raised in London
Net Worth: $1 million (estimated)
Instagram: @gstaadguy – 170k followers
TikTok: @gstaadguy – 145.6k followers
YouTube: Gstaad Guy – 6.39k subscribers
Website: www.gstaadguy.com

Who is Gstaad Guy?

Gstaad Guy is an online comedian originally from London, England. He’s most popular on Instagram and TikTok, where his characters Constance and Colton mock the elite from all around the world.

Behind the scenes, he’s told reporters that he works a full-time white-collar job for Apple, who apparently still haven’t realised what the comedian does in his downtime.

How did Gstaad Guy become famous?

Gstaad Guys’ first video was inspired by a FaceTime call he was having with a friend. In his own words, the friend was “really pretentious” and was complaining about how his masseuse was late while he was on a winter holiday in Gstaad.

The friend’s mother then asked him to tell her son how ridiculous he was being, and so Gstaad Guy recorded a video of him imitating the friend and sent it back to the mom which she shared in some WhatsApp groups.

A few weeks later after returning from a holiday, he found he was being recognised in public, with people referring to him as the ‘Gstaad Guy’. In his own words, “I thought to myself ‘Gstaad Guy, I like it.’ So I created the account, started posting and here we are.”

From there Gstaad Guy has rubbed shoulders with celebrities including the Hadid family, Chantel Jeffries, and Off-White creator Virgil Abloh, with his character Colton even voicing a runway show for the late designer.

He’s also been invited out to Gstaad multiple times to attend parties which he said were “surreal” due to finding fans of his in a “trillion dollar-net worth basement”.

Gstaad Guy Instagram

His first video in character was uploaded in January 2019, and he gained a steady following quickly, with over 50k followers by the start of 2020.

As word about his videos soon spread outside of Europe and across the globe; Gstaad Guy soon began racking up followers from the United States, leading to the introduction of Constance’s oblivious and goofy American cousin Colton.

The other main character in Gstaad Guy’s videos is Constance’s butler Alfrèd, who is inspired by Bruce Wayne’s butler in the Batman universe and is played by one of his best friends.

Celebrities featured on Gstaad Guy’s page include Logan Paul, Guy Gerber, Evan Eckenrode and Mohamed Hadid.

Gstaad Guy YouTube

Gstaad Guy also uses YouTube to upload longer videos such as parody songs and more recently vlogs.

While he doesn’t have the same following on YouTube as he does on other platforms, he’s still managed to feature Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko.

Gstaad Guy Net Worth

Gstaad Guy’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million according to Hive. He’s accumulated his wealth mostly through sponsorships, endorsements, merchandise as well as selling personalised videos to fans on Cameo.

He has a website featuring a large range of different clothing merch, as well as beauty products (such as hair serum and moisturiser). Brands he’s collaborated with include Loro Piana which is part of LVMH all of which have “sold out in a matter of hours”.

The star has also made sure to give back, creating the “Push Hop Challenge” which raised over £25 000 to support and raise money for NHS Charities during COVID-19.