Who Is Magnus Midtbø? Height, Age, Workouts, Girlfriend & More Revealed

No one makes rock climbing look so good... or so easy.

Magnus Midtbø Net Worth

Exploring nature through rock climbing has been one exercise enjoyed by many through the centuries. Due to its popularity in the 1900s, the world’s first mountaineering club, birthed in 1857, was known as the Alpine Club. 

With the emergence of technology and the internet, a greater number of older things were being discarded or reformed to fit into the jet age of the 2000s. One of the people giving relevance to the ancient art of rock climbing despite the technological advancement from the 1800s to the 2000s is Magnus Midtbø.

With a heavy online presence of almost 600k followers on Instagram & 2.26M followers on YouTube, the Norwegian has effortlessly pushed the rock climbing culture as an exercise and a recreational activity to a lot of folks. Wondering “How old is Magnus Midtbo?” “Who is Magnus Midtbo’s partner?” “What else does Magnus Indulge in?” This is for you as we answer your whats & whys.

Magnus Midtbø Quick Facts

Name:Magnus Midtbø
Age (DoB):35 (18 September 1988)
Height:173 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Weight: 71 kg (157 lb)
YouTube:Magnus Midtbø
Net Worth: US $2.5 million

Magnus Midtbø Background

After a year of intense practising at his enrollment centre in 2000, Midtbø took on and won the Norwegian Youth Championship. He kick-started his career by flawlessly ascending his first-ever 8a (5.13b) graded sport climbing route, known as Ogletryne, located at the popular Sageveggen rock wall close to Bergen in 2000.

He moved to Innsbruck Sageveggen, Austria after a breathtaking 2000 competition at Sageveggen. There, he trained with some of the best, including his role model David Lama. Climbing for the Midtbøs is a family oil mill as his sister, Hannah, is an award-winning rock climber herself.

Norway’s finest was known for securing multiple national championships until he retired from competitive climbing in 2017.

Magnus Midtbø’s Age

Magnus Midtbø’s Age
Image: @magmidt

On the 18th of September 1988, Magnus Midtbø was born which makes him 36 Years Old in 2024. At 11, immersed with numerous talents, his love for rock climbing stood out which led to his enrollment in a rock climbing class by his dearest mother.

In the world of rock climbing, a few routes hold legendary status, such as the Ali Hulk sit start extension in Rodellar, Spain. First conquered by the talented Dani Andrada, Midtbø also had a feel of the rocks in August 2010. In 2011, 2012 & 2013, he won medals in the Chamonix Leg, Kranj Leg & Cali respectively.

In 2013, he claimed first place as an international contender in “Der Deutsche Meister.” Klatring, a documentary, covers Midtbø’s journey as a Norwegian rock climber with a penchant for success. It showed his competitive spirit and applaudable resilience at the World Championships in Italy. Notably, he also appeared in “Min idrett,” a popular show bringing us close to famous Norwegian climbers.

Magnus Midtbø Weight and Height

Magnus Midtbø Weight and Height
Image: @rungne_official

Due to his active lifestyle which ranges from running marathons, diving, and rock climbing of course, Magnus Midtbø’s ripped body weighs 71 kg (157 lb). He also stands at a decent 173 cm (5 ft 8 in).

Magnus Midtbø Climbing Gym

Are you curious about rock climbing? If you’d like to have a feel of rock climbing for beginners, Rúngne was established to bridge the gap. Located in his hometown, Norway, he uploaded a video on his YouTube page with an update of the yet-to-be-completed gym. 

The video, which gained over 500k+ views, showed the 9000ft square gym, its compartments, progress, and benefits. He also stated the price for the Slab of the Week challenge while giving us a firsthand tour of the storage and wardrobes of the gym.

Magnus Midtbø Online Climbing School

If you’re new to rock climbing, starting off with a soft landing is probably your best bet. Bridging the gap of rock climbing lovers and the outdoors, altitudeclimbing.com was started by Midtbø. The institution handpicks expert climbers and professionals in various climbing fields. 

Adam Ondra specializes in lead climbing, Dave Macleod teaches climbing techniques, Daniel Woods teaches outdoor bouldering, Alex Megos and Patrick Matros teach training for climbing. The company dedicated to the growth of members has Hazel Findlay, who teaches overcoming the fear of failing and Daniel Woods, who takes outdoor bouldering.

Magnus Midtbø Exercise Routine

Magnus Midtbø allocates specific days to each exercise. As a lover of flexibility, he does his aerobics on Mondays. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, he strength trains while Fridays and Sundays are dedicated to endurance training. 

A typical workout consists of four exercises: 

  • Speed campusing for power
  • Lock-offs for strength
  • Two-minute circuits for power endurance, and
  • Staying on the wall for 30 minutes for aerobic endurance

These four exercises have been a point of duty call for up-and-coming climbers as a lot of people took on the challenge and shared their results on their online spaces.

On Ninja Warrior, Midtbø went heads-on against Matt Tsung from Australia and Drew Drechsel from the USA. At stage 3 of the competition, he had successfully navigated most of the obstacles. The first four obstacles were a piece of cake for him before he started facing issues with the others. Victoriously, he cleared the last obstacle in the arena which was the Pipe Dream.

Magnus Midtbø Sister

Magnus Midtbø Sister
Image: @hannahmidtboe

It is not rare to find families that share the same passion, tilting in the same direction. One such family is the Midtbøs, whose siblings Magnus and Hannah have made their mark in the climbing community. Born in Bergen, Norway, Hannah Midtbø followed in her brother’s footsteps to become a professional climber. 

In the international climbing scene, she has made a name for herself after winning the Nordic Championships title in 2006. She kept leaving her mark in climbing, shifting gears to bouldering and diving into numerous IFSC World Cups and European Championships.

Who is Magnus Midtbø’s Girlfriend?

Who is Magnus Midtbø’s Girlfriend
Image: @magmidt

Since 2019, the Norwegian climber has been in a relationship with Marte Knibe Fiskaa. Though they live together, it is still just a relationship as they are not yet married. Marte has helped Magnus break his chain of bad habits and manage them, for which he’s grateful. Previously, he had dated Sasha DiGiulian, a professional climber for the U.S. national team. However, it ended before it really started.

Midtbø confirmed via an Instagram post that he and Knibe were together as they celebrated their first anniversary together as a couple in 2020. The duo have been sighted on multiple vacations and rock climbing together.

Magnus Midtbø YouTube

As MagMidt on YouTube, Magnus brings to our screens various military exercises, challenges from other rock climbers and tours of great climbing gyms. His favourite partner who has been seen numerous times on his page taking on challenges is Pewdiepie. 

Honoured by YouTube in 2018 with the silver plate for 100k subscribers & in 2021 with the gold plate for 1m subscribers recognitions, Midtbo has reaffirmed his commitment to rock climbing and sport vlogging.

In his 95th YouTube video, he stated: “I always get inspired by climbing. Many people, I believe, require a definite purpose, although I have rarely felt any need. I realize it seems very corny. Climbing is one of my favorite activities. I enjoy being outside in nature. I enjoy the sensation of being liberated, but you understand what I’m talking about. I’m not sure. I enjoy the way of life and traveling. I enjoy pushing myself, and, above all, I enjoy the sensation of being extremely fit and robust and having the ability to climb any path.”

Magnus Midtbø Interviews

Pierre Délas from Kairn interviewed Magnus Midtbø, who recently completed the second ascent of the Ali-Hulk sit start extension, graded 9b.

Pierre asked about the toughest part of the climb; Midtbø stated that navigating this route presented a lot of challenges. Starting in a cave with a massive roof and no rope for the first section, Midtbø found the route incredible and an amazing climb! Tackling it alone was one headache, another was figuring out all the techniques by himself. 

The first part of the climb had no clipping points, so he had to start from the beginning every time at the slightest error, which was quite exhausting. The route had 86 moves, and complicated footwork. The overhang put a lot of strain on his core and back, making it even tougher. It took him over 40 attempts in three weeks to complete, but La Noeva Enmienda only took about 12 tries. While he hasn’t tried any other 9b routes, this one felt significantly tougher than any other climb he had done. He stated that it definitely suits his climbing style.

Magnus Midtbø and the Elite Climbers League

Being welcomed into an elite group of 9b climbers, Magnus showed utmost excitement. He stated that joining the 9b club felt fantastic since it’s been a while since he had gone through something this challenging. Magnus looks forward to even more difficult routes in the future!

Magnus Midtbø in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Magnus Midtbø witnessed 16 elite climbers pair up for the inaugural head-to-head multi-pitch climbing competition on artificial routes, the Red Bull Dual Ascent. He went a step further by climbing the route alongsithe US climber and filmmaker, Cedar Wright. 

After experiencing the 220m-high Verzasca Dam up close, Midtbø reflects on the event and delves into what makes the event fun. He stated that the Red Bull Dual Ascent is easier. Unlike other climbing competitions, it’s more relaxed and fun. For example, in competitions, your forearms get pumped. Also, in bouldering, it’s all about power. That’s not the case here as different tactics come into play, leaving you completely exhausted. Requiring a complete restart if you fall, the multi-pitch route on the Verzasca Dam for Red Bull Dual Ascent poses as long and tricky. Waiting, climbing, leading, managing the rope are a few of the strategies required for the first to the top wins.

Magnus Midtbø Net Worth

Magnus Midtbø Net Worth
Image: @rungne_official

Rungne by Magnus Midtbø is a store offering tees, pants, chalk bags, and other climbing wears and gear. His brand sells thousands of dollars worth of climbing wear. Midtbø’s YouTube channel launched in 2011, was home to his climbing tips and tutorials. 

With over one million subscribers, his channel roughly earns $9,000 monthly and on bad days, between $3,000 and $1000. Various websites estimate his YouTube earnings in May(2024). Midtbø is said to be worth an estimated $2.5 million US dollars.


Who is Magnus Midtbø’s girlfriend?

Magnus has been in a relationship with Marte Knibe and they’re often seen sharing their climbing exploits and travel adventures on social media.

How Old is Magnus Midtbø?

Magnus Midtbø was born on September 18, 1988, which means he’s currently 35 years old.

What is Magnus Midtbø’s Net worth?

Magnus Midtbø has amassed a net worth of approximately US $2.5 million through climbing, YouTube channel, and merch sales.