Who Is Nicola Cavanis? Instagram, Age, Height, OnlyFans, Boyfriend, Measurements, Listal & More

Everything you need to know about Nicola Cavanis.

Nicola Cavanis Featured Image

Nicola Cavanis is a known German model. Her modelling pictures that she shares on her Instagram account get thousands of likes, and she has worked with numerous modelling agencies and marketing brands. 

Cavanis looks beautiful and classy, and it didn’t take long for her to get the love she deserves. She wears just the right pieces that complement her body, and her heart-warming smile is enough to attract admirers from all over the world. 

The German beauty worked very hard to get where she is today, and if she keeps at it, it’s very likely for her popularity to explode even more. Now, if you’re new to the content that Nicola creates, perhaps you are wondering how she got here.

This post will reveal more about her age, weight, height, career, relationship, Instagram, and more.

Nicola Cavanis Quick Facts

Name:Nicola Cavanis
Age: 24
Height:5 feet 8 inches / 175 cm
Weight: 114 lbs / 52 kg
Net Worth:$500k (Estimated)
Instagram:@nicola; 1.2 million followers

Who Is Nicola Cavanis?

Who Is Nicola Cavanis
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Nicola Cavanis is a famous German social media influencer, model, Instagram star, and TikTok content creator. She was born on December 17, 1998. Her modelling pictures are appreciated by thousands of people, and because of her beauty and class, she was able to get a lot of recognition. She is now one of the most renowned German models. 

Over the years, the model has worked with different modelling agencies and marketing brands. Some of these include Major Models Milan, Louisa Models, Uniko, and Talents Models Munich. 

Nicola’s Instagram page is probably her most followed one, as the model amassed 1.2 million followers there. At the same time, she posts content on TikTok, where 184.6k accounts follow her. 

While many models opened an OnlyFans account, Nicola does not appear to have one at the moment.

Nicola Cavanis’s Looks

Nicola is a very gorgeous lady, which is why she was able to make it in the world of modelling. On Listal, she has tags such as Beautiful, Cute, Stunner, Female Perfection, Breathtaking, Sensual, Great Body, Hot, and Cute among other things. 

She has a slim build, and she knows how to maintain her look. Her approximate measurements are 35-23-35 inches. Also, the model has brown hair and green eyes. 

Nicola Cavanis’s Looks
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Nicola Cavanis is a natural beauty, so it’s not surprising that she has many admirers who love her looks. Her smile can charm anyone who sees it, and her physique makes her more desirable. 

Not only that, but she doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful. 

Nicola Cavanis’s Upbringing

Nicola Cavanis’s Upbringing
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Nicola was passionate about modelling from an early age. She was raised in Germany, and she went to a private school in her hometown and that’s where she completed her schooling. 

When she was a teenager, she dreamt about becoming a model and gaining social media popularity. So, after her studies were completed, she started modelling and promoting various brands. In November 2012, she posted her very first photo on Instagram. 

Over the years, her popularity grew significantly. She received more brand deals and now she takes modelling shots regularly. Aside from her Instagram and TikTok accounts, she also has a YouTube channel. Despite not having any videos there at the moment, she has more than 7k subscribers. 

Nicola Cavanis’s Relationship

A model’s love life will always be a curiosity, especially for those who find her attractive or for fans who want to see her happy. So, it’s only natural to be curious about whether Nicola Cavanis has a boyfriend or not. 

Not a lot of things are known about her past relationships. However, we know that the model is currently in a relationship with Sebo Reichhart. The two have revealed their relationship in many Instagram posts, and fans who love Cavanis are very happy to see her with a loving partner.

Nicola Cavanis’s Relationship
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Nicola Cavanis’s Net Worth

Being a model for a long time has its perks – with a lot of brand collaborations, active online accounts, and other types of activities, you can earn a lot of money. And this is exactly the case for Nicola Cavanis.

Nicola Cavanis’s Net Worth
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Now, we do not know for sure how much the model earns. She never came out with exact numbers, so unless she confirms anything, we can only speculate. 

Her net worth is estimated to be around $500k. It’s also possible for it to be higher, though. 

Nicola Cavanis’s Family

Nicola Cavanis’s Family
Source: @nicola via Instagram

Nicola did not share information about her family on the Internet. She wanted to keep such details under wraps, as perhaps her parents did not want their personal information to be in the spotlight. Nicola probably wants to protect her parents’ identities. 

On top of that, Nicola did not mention any possible siblings. It’s unclear what the family situation is. 

Nicola Cavanis Posts Photos in Green Costume

Nicola seems to have a love for green. On Instagram, she posted a series of pictures wearing a stunning green costume. Obviously, because she is very beautiful, the piece looked great on her. 

The caption was written in German, and the model was asking her fans if they noticed that green is her favourite colour. 

Fans replied to her in the comment section. Someone posted some green hearts, while others complimented the model’s looks. “Green machine,” a fan said. 

Nicola Cavanis Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nicola Cavanis married?

Nicola Cavanis is not married at the moment. The model is dating Sebo Reichhart, but they’re not married. We don’t know if they will decide to tie the knot in the future.

What is Nicola Cavanis known for?

Nicola is a model. She is known for collaborating with various modelling agencies, but also for posting a lot of modelling shots on Instagram. Not only that, but she is also active on TikTok.

How old is Nicola Cavanis?

The model is 24 years old as of 2023.