Who Is Sommer Ray? OnlyFans, Reddit, Fans, Instagram, MGK, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Cole Bennett & More

Everything you need to know about Sommer Ray.

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You may know who Sommer Ray is if you’ve been keeping an eye on Instagram models or if you’ve watched RiceGum’s videos many years ago. She is a bikini model known for her amazing body. Ray promotes health and fitness, and this is proven by the numerous videos she makes on these topics. On her YouTube, besides vlogs, she also posts exercise routines to teach her fans how to stay fit. 

With over 25 million followers on her Instagram account, it’s safe to say that Sommer Ray is one of the most popular bikini models in the world. She used to be in the CloutGang, and she now posts on TikTok. Besides this, she also has a Twitter account where she keeps her fans updated about her life. But where does all this popularity come from for Sommer Ray?

Here’s everything you need to know about her career, height, weight, age, boyfriend, Instagram, OnlyFans, and more.

Sommer Ray Quick Facts

Name:Sommer Ray
Age: 26
Height:5 feet 6 inches / 167 cm
Weight: 115 – 125 lbs / 52.2 – 56.7 kg
Net Worth:$8 million (Estimated)
Instagram:@sommerray; 25.4 million followers

Who Is Sommer Ray?

Who Is Sommer Ray
Source: @sommerray via Instagram

Sommer Ray is an American bikini model, YouTuber, TikTok star, Instagram celebrity, and social media influencer. She is known for her amazing body, as well as for her participation in numerous fitness and bodybuilding competitions. Ray managed to attract a lot of fans, and she is one of the most popular models on Instagram, with more than 25 million accounts following her. 

Ray was born on September 15, 1996, and she has been active online for several years. While some people know her for her modelling activity and her fitness and bodybuilding achievements, others know her from her time in the CloutGang. 

Her jaw-dropping photos get a lot of likes, and it makes sense considering how stunning Ray is and how well she chooses the pieces she wears. Even people on Reddit talk about her physique. 

Sommer Ray’s Social Media

Sommer Ray is active on various platforms, but her most famous one is Instagram. On the platform, she frequently posts sizzling modelling shots, and her natural beauty shines in all her photos and videos. It’s no surprise that she gained 25.4 million followers there as she’s very active.

Sommer Ray’s Social Media
Source: @sommerray via Instagram

Sommer can also be found on Twitter. On this platform, she has 1.3 million followers. She often gives her fans updates about her life or shares pictures on Twitter.

Sommer Ray is also a YouTuber, and while she is not as active as she used to be on the platform, she still makes sure to offer some quality content from time to time. Her YouTube channel has 1.79 million subscribers. 

Moreover, Sommer used to have an OnlyFans account that can still be found on the site but it has not been active for a long time. On top of that, there are no posts on it anymore.

Sommer Ray Turned Down $40 Million in OnlyFans Earnings

The American beauty decided to join OnlyFans back in 2020. She announced her decision on Twitter, and fans were very excited. 

However, Sommer Ray ended up turning down the OnlyFans invitation, despite knowing how much money she could make. In a podcast, Ray said that someone advised her to start her own OnlyFans. This was at a time when OnlyFans was growing in popularity, with more and more stars deciding to start their own accounts. 

“At that time it was like, every single person in my life was coming to me and telling me, ‘If you don’t start and OnlyFans, you’re stupid,” she said. “The money I could make would be insane. In that time, with COVID — someone was saying I could have made $40 million or something like that.”

According to Sommer, she tried to build a different type of image, so people see her for more than just her body. So, she thought that starting an OnlyFans would give her the “OnlyFans girl” label, and she did not want that. 

“I’m not really in it for the money,” she said. “I want to look back on my life and be like, ‘Wow, I created my empire and I did something special that I’m proud of.’”

Sommer already has a generous net worth, with her estimated earnings being $8 million.

Sommer Ray’s Relationship

Sommer’s love life is not a secret. She has been dating several people over the years, including famous figures such as Max Ehrich, MGK, and Cole Bennett.


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However, it seems that she has broken up with Bennett. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like she is dating anyone at the moment, but we’ll surely know when she has a new partner. 

Sommer Ray Celebrates Her Mother’s 59th Birthday

Sommer Ray is very close with her mother. This was proven by a post that Ray made on her mother’s 59th birthday. The two posed for the camera in flattering swimsuits. They were wearing matching swimsuits, except the colours were different. The post showed the close bond between the two, as well as where Ray gets her great looks from. 

“Happy birthday to the best most incredible momma in the world. You’re my rock, my best friend, and honestly the love of my life!” Ray said on Instagram. “Thank you for making me into the woman I am today, always supporting me & believing in me. You motivate & inspire me!! 59 looks so good on you momma!!!!”

Sommer Ray Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Sommer Ray?

Sommer Ray is 26 years old as of 2023.

What is Sommer Ray known for?

The stunning model is known for her incredible pictures, her body, and her participation in numerous bodybuilding and fitness competitions. She was also part of the CloutGang.

Is Sommer Ray married?

Ray is not married, and she appears to be single now.