Here's What The World's Largest Aeroplane Window Looks Like

You won't need to hog the window seat with Boeing's largest aeroplane window ever made.

Window Seat

Before you get all choked up with the excitement of scoring the world’s largest window seat for your next flight, it should be noted that the newly unveiled SkyView Panoramic Window is only available for Boeing’s Business Jet fleet – for now.

For those who are lucky enough to board their own private jet today, this spectacular window view will offer up some of the most sensational scenery ever experienced on a passenger plane. The wide framed window measures in at 138cm long and 49cm high, making it three times wider than the standard aeroplane window at half the height.

Those worried about the structural integrity of the craft need not worry since we’ve already investigated how windows are getting larger with newer planes. On top of that the SkyView Panoramic Window also feature reinforced acrylic windows that are abrasion-resistant to ensure the views remain visible in any weather.