A Guide To Buying The Perfect Winter Fragrance

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Winter Fragrance

Just as men change their clothing with the change of seasons, alternating your fragrance is equally important.

Why so, you ask? Where Summer fragrances are preferably fresh and invigorating, Winter fragrances should wrap themselves around you like a cashmere scarf whilst invoking feelings of warmth against your skin.

Being in the transitional stage of the colder months, now is the perfect time to explore these fresh new scents and introduce a distinctly bold smell that will drastically enhance your wardrobe.

Where To Start


Heat causes fragrance to dispel off the skin, intensifying any fragrance you wear. This is why we recommend that fragrance always be applied to the pulse points as this is where your skin is warmest. Have you also ever wondered why your crisp citrus lingers in summer, but doesn’t go the distance in winter? There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, we cover up our body more in Winter, so our skin is not as exposed. Due to the colder air, a fragrance also won’t diffuse around you as well as it would in the warmer seasons. Fragrance also adheres well to moist skin, and in cooler weather our skin is naturally drier. Hence this makes it the perfect time to explore the more headier fragrances.

Autumn fragrances should still have a crispness to them so look for aromatic or fougere fragrances. When the temperature drops even further, think of rich woody fragrances – ones that make you feel like you’re sitting in front of a roaring camp fire nursing your single malt whiskey.

Best Fragrances For Colder Months

P Frapin et Cie 1697


As a tribute to her grandfather, Pierre Frapin, Béatrice Cointreau started P Frapin et Cie to recreate the intimate feel of her childhood home. The collection of fragrances are redolent of the warmth, fruit, flowers, attics and simple pleasures of her childhood that coloured the soul of the family estate in the heart of the Cognac region. 1697 is a rich and of course, boozy fragrance with spicy notes of rum, leather and cognac.

Feuilles de Tabac By Miller Harris


This is the one fragrance every man should own. I guarantee that every woman will want to nuzzle your neck if you wear this fragrance. I used to work for Miller Harris in London, and I would gift this fragrance only to men that I deemed worthy to yield this power.

Miller Harris is an artisan brand from London and perfumer Lyn Harris creates fragrance that is traditionally inspired with a modern twist. Feuilles de Tabac is warm and slightly medicinal with tobacco leaves, Cuban cascarillo oil and Malay patchouli. Gentleman, apply with caution. Ladies, beware if your man wears this fragrance.

Black By Comme de Garcons


Black is the ideal winter fragrance if you are not afraid to be bold in your fragrance choice. It is smoky, dark and like most Comme de Garcon fragrances, very unusual.  Leather, birch tar and pepperwood makes this fragrance addictive, yet strangely calming. If you like light marine fragrances, Black is not for you.

Tips For Making Your Winter Fragrance Last

There are five key tips to getting the best out of your Winter scent and it doesn’t take rocket science.

#1 Choose A Heavier Fragrance
Heavier fragrances fair better with cutting through the cold, dry air.  

#2 Use A Matching Body Wash Or Deodorant
What you don’t ever want is two strong scents to clash and compromise one another. Use a neutral body wash or deodorant to ensure only the fragrance is the star of the show.

#3 Moisturise The Skin Prior To Application
Whether it’s with a matching moisturiser or an unscented one, either will help. My favourite for men is moisturiser in a can such as Vaseline. It’s very masculine – simply spray on and go. No need to rub in.

#4 Apply Your Fragrance To Your Scarf Or Hair
This will reiterate the smell in places where it matters most to your potential date(s).

#5 Pick An Eau De Parfum Or Parfum In The Cooler Months
This will stand up against the cold better than cologne for the warmer months.