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20 Best Winter Running Pants For Men

Get ready to smash your PB in the cold with these winter running pants for men...

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It’s hard to be motivated to work out in the colder months, with many of us tempted to ditch the fitness regiment and hibernate; snuggled with a blanket, indulging in a little bit of Netflix. But rest assured, there’s some high-tech activewear out there, helping you to look your best while combating the cold.

Wearing running-specific gear is extremely important when approaching your winter workout as it can easily enhance your performance and will prevent injury and sickness. So, when it comes to purchasing activewear, you must invest in yourself as those early morning jogs are already challenging enough – at the very least, you want to make sure you have the proper kit.

When approaching your winter workout, you want gear engineered for cold weather, something providing added coverage without making you overheat. Compression tights and pants with insulation are essential when tackling the cold outdoors. You also want wind and water-resistant materials, keeping you warm and dry for those wetter days. Ultimately, you want activewear that’s functional in even some of the harshest conditions. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of brands producing some of the best men’s winter running pants available, tailor-made for you to tackle the coldest temperatures.

Winter Running Pants For Men FAQs

What should men wear for winter running?

A pair of good running tights are the perfect way to kick off the cold season. They're a great way of insulating you from the cold while adding a compression layer to your body, which will help stimulate blood flow. For the harsher weather conditions, you'll need a thermal base layer to pair with some wind and water repellent clothing as well. Also, make sure activewear is light and breathable so that you don't feel weighed down while running.

Is it bad to run in shorts during winter?

Leggings and tights are the most suitable for the colder temperatures as they will help regulate your body temperature and prevent you from overheating. It's important to consider layering while running in icy cold weather as without proper running gear, you may be exposed to hypothermia.

What do I wear over running tights?

Wearing shorts over your running tights is a great option for layering as it can help break the wind and cold. Also, adding shorts over the top can eliminate friction between fabric and skin. However, it's whatever makes you comfortable. If you feel as though you can move better wearing only joggers or leggings, then, by all means, ditch the shorts!

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