An Australian Study Confirms What Women Are Most Sexually Attracted To

No lift, no love.

Surprise. A new Australian study has revealed confirmed that women are most sexually attracted to men who are of the strongest looking variety.

The data comes via Griffith University in Queensland where researchers surveyed 150 women to determine what influenced their attraction to men. After a comprehensive analysis it was determined that physical strength was the most sought after masculine trait. It doesn’t end there though.

The research even goes as far as concluding that male attractiveness boils down to three specific aspects: how physically strong he looks, how tall he is and how lean he is.

Whilst it may sound overtly superficial, there is some “science” behind it. One experiment involved showing full-length photos of men to female subjects who then had to assess their levels of physical strength against their perceived attractiveness. It was discovered that whilst some women preferred more feminine facial structures, almost all of them still desired those who looked physically stronger compared to weaker looking men.

In other words, the images which showed stronger men were also the ones that were crowned the most attractive.

On the quest to attracting the perfect mate, men must also keep in mind height and their levels of leanness, as these two factors accounted for 80 percent of a male’s overall appeal.

According to the researchers, this result reflects the “ancestral cues of a man’s fighting ability”, which highlights ancient mating rituals where women chose the strongest hunters that were able to provide for them.

Well then, maybe it’s time you stopped blaming society’s expectations and just focused your energy on getting big?

Here’s some help from James McAvoy, Josh Brolin and Zac Efron. Or just be a nice guy and the women will (apparently) love you just as much.