Workout Motivation: How To Trick Your Body Into Wanting To Workout

And your mind...

Workout Motivation: How To Trick Your Body Into Wanting To Workout

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As Monday rolls around and you begin the inevitable slog of working from home, it can be hard to get out of your Pijamas, let alone to get up and do jumping jacks. But if you follow the lead of fitness professionals, and apply their tips for getting geared up to workout, you might find your self-isolation much more enjoyable (or rather, tolerable) than it was previously.

Enter: Cory George, F45 fitness ambassador and trainer, who has given DMARGE his top tips on tricking your body (and mind) into wanting to workout from home.

“Working out from home can sometimes present a big challenge for your fitness journey. Personally, I thrive off human interaction and camaraderie but, due to the current situation globally, we must adapt.”

“As someone who is always traveling and living out of hotels, when F45 studios are not an option, at-home workouts have been my go-to” Cory told us. But never fear: even if working out at home is as foreign to you as spending Friday night sober, Cory has some tips that should help you make the transition.

As for preparing your mind, Cory says he likes to “start by finding a clear and uncluttered area.” Then, “once I’ve created space, I eliminate all distractions (phones, TV, games, etc.). If I’m following a program online or through the F45 app, I’ll use my iPad and turn off iMessage so nothing can interrupt my session.”

“The same goes for using my phone – I switch it to airplane mode to make sure I’m not interrupted by notifications.”

Of course, then there’s music: “Lastly, I load up the jams! Typically, I start off by listening to ‘feel good’ tunes while easing into a few mobility flows and then, once I start feeling the warmth circulate through my body, I switch over to the workout playlist and go to work!”

Physically, Cory sets himself up for a good workout too, with a few well chosen techniques: “Warm-ups depend on how I’m feeling and what workout I am about to do. If my muscles are tighter than normal, I go through some static stretches before moving through a more dynamic flow.”

“Once I’m in my more dynamic flow, I’ll choose between six to eight stretches for about 15 to 20 seconds each. I’ll hold the stretch longer if it feels really good. I always like entering my workout with a little sweat and heat.” Corey then told us, some of his favourite moves are:

  • High knees/ butt flicks
  • Hip mobility swings
  • Side to side lumbar twists
  • Hip thrusters
  • Push up to arm rotation
  • Groin to hammy stretch
  • Side lunges
  • Burpees or tuck jumps


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Our first F45 at home series to help with our members across the World maintain their shape during our current situation. We want to encourage our team to continue with their path to health and wellness! No equipment no problem – your body so now your new Machine. During this time you are going to come across a lot of at home videos from people all over. Some will be great and others will be mehhh not so much. The key thing here is to actually follow something people ACTUALLY do to achieve their bodies. Now F45 isn’t the only thing I’ve done to create my frame, but for the past few years has been a major component to the success of my new endeavors in health and wellness. We’re excited to bring to you your new pathway until we can get back into the studios we know and love! This is actual footage of a highlight to my last lap with our first at home Gravity session. No wayyyy I made it through the full 40 second timer! Tonight was brutal🤪 _ 3 Pods 9 Stations 40 sec of work / 15 sec of rest _ 1) One legged burpee 2) Squat Jump + Burpee Pyramid 3) Squat Pulse 4) High Knee Singles 5) Moving Plank 6) Linebacker 7) Lateral Tuck Jumps 8) Moving Planks 9) Inchworm _ No water bottles, vacuum cleaners, dogs, or babies just good old fashion work. Good luck!!

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If you’re interested in joining (or already an F45 member), Corey also told us F45 Training is now releasing its first at-home workouts, to help you stave off your dad bod from home in these trying times.

“This is a super exciting announcement as it can be tough and time consuming to manage your fitness programming that aligns with your goals and now F45 has done the work for you!”

“Active F45 members can access the workouts via the F45 Challenge website and F45 Challenge app, bringing our members the world’s best in-studio workout right to them. F45 members will get the same great workout as the F45 sessions they know and love, and I will be there to guide them every step of the way.”

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